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Kendrick Sound JBL 4350 for music Bar
Chakster, I never dealt with Kendrick Sound nor do I know what they change/modify as part of their refurbishing process, I only buy and sell speakers in original condition. I'm not sure if any of the setups I heard in Japan were original or from K... 
Kendrick Sound JBL 4350 for music Bar
Chakster, I use low power Lamm SETs for my personal use too but they're not suited to the 4350, nor would you want them in a commercial setting. 4350 likes some current to come to life. Lamm M1.2 is a natural match for this speaker.We've done seve... 
Kendrick Sound JBL 4350 for music Bar
Chakster, exceptional quality reproduction requires exceptional electronics and front end. You have to get the entire chain right and not just the amps. We had Levinson, AR, CJ and many other brands but for the past 17 years we've sold only Lamm e... 
Kendrick Sound JBL 4350 for music Bar
Chakster, given quality sources the 4350 is capable of exceptional playback quality at both high and low levels 2nd to none but it's not suited for sound reinforcement purposes. You need a different system for your live venues.david 
Kendrick Sound JBL 4350 for music Bar
I know these speakers and most 43xx very well, by PA system do you mean a music system or an actual PA to make announcements? david 
Miyajima Kansui vs Dynavector XV-1S
Not a fan of the Miyajima, I find the top end somewhat detached and unnatural, don't know the Dyna.david 
Getting phantom image perfectly centered
Marktrav, did you ever swap out the channels, ie connect the left speaker to the right amplifier and right one to the left channel and see what happens? It's simple just swap the speaker cables from one to the other.2nd, the room picture you suppl... 
Agree or disagree with the following statement.
There are certain specs and claims that raise red flags. As a dealer on the hunt we look at specs and manufacturer's marketing materials as a means to eliminate those products and companies, we'll never pick up a line and pass it on to customers w... 
Traveling never going to happen??? need advice
You don't need crates, you can pack them in cardboard boxes lined with 2" styrofoam and tightly strapped to a skid. 1500+ miles is way too far for most people to drive, myself included. We have passed on items where the seller wasn't willing to sh... 
Beware How I was ripped off
Shipo, you're welcome to your opinion. Fortunately, most transactions aren't done with crooks. You'll see that while most vendors will accept credit cards for large, i.e. $10k+, fewer and fewer are accepting PayPal in this market and on eBay.david 
Ching Cheng Power Cords
We have 16 gauge Ching Cheng Power Cords in stock, contact me off-line for pricing and information.david 
Beware How I was ripped off
Zd542, I'm in the US, talked to a couple of attorneys at the time the costs were too high to pursue a law suit. The client was in a different state than me and the sale was to a person in another country making it all very expensive. This is an on... 
Beware How I was ripped off
In case of PayPal vendors are at risk too. All you need is for an unscrupulous buyer to put in a false claim and you're out of your money. This happened to me where the buyer claimed that the goods arrived damaged. Paypal returned his money, I nev... 
Large banana plugs for 10 awg speaker cable
Radio Shack, has cheap bananas for 10 awg wire that are as good as any.daviddisclaimer- Dealer 
CES 2015 anyone going
Hey Dweller, you're more than welcome to visit us at the Venetian. CES has always been a mix of trade and consumer and we're happy to have you there. After all its show time!davidPS Rooms sound best during last two days, when the systems begin to ...