WiFi Connection

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I have just bought a new laptop and have never had a home "desktop" computer. Is it possible to setup a wireless network for internet access WITHOUT a desktop computer? My laptop has a built-in WiFi card and I have ComCast as my ISP. It works now, but has to be hard-wired from the modem to the laptop.

Is there such a thing as a cable modem that has the WiFi built-in so once it's hooked up it will transmit WiFi to my laptop so thay I can use it anywhere in the house?

THANKS so much for your time!!!
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Sure. You just need to buy a wireless router and connect it to your DSL or Cable modem, load the router configuration software on your notebook and follow the configuration instructions to set up your network. Your notebook's wifi card will automatically find the network and you launch your browser. You are then connected to the internet.
Comcast does have a cable modem with wireless built in so you might want to check with them about exchanging yours for that model. If that's not possible you can do as Narrod suggests and buy a separate wireless router. Some of the good brands are Netgear, Linksys and D-Link.
Both gentlemen are absolutely right in my opinion. If you follow their advice you cannot fail.
Yep, works great -We use Comcast and a wireless router so both my wife and I (PC and iMac respectively) can sit anywhere in the house and enjoy the internet.
The only catch is you have to have it hard wired just for set-up only. Keep that in mind when locating it somewhere so you can get your laptop to it.
THANKS so much to everyone! I am going to try this, (probably the router route at first). I'll report back with my "hopeful" success :-)
I set mine up without having my notebook hardwired to the router. I've never had it hardwired to the router or the modem.
The wireless router/modem configuration is the most common but a wireless modem should work as well as stated above. That is what I use for my Wifi network which includes multiple laptops with a music server configured, Roku Soundbridge as internet radio and music server client, and Xbox 360.
Learn about and configure wireless security, too. That way the neighbor kid won't be looking at porn over YOUR connection
Many times your puter will just find the wireless signal and you may not need to do anything, even if you do as others said its easy..............I am on my laptop about 100ft from router in my mancave right now and its great. Even outside in the backyard it works for about 80ft.