Rel Connection to MC-2125

Just got my MC-2125 back from repair (my dad bought it new in the late 70's along with a C-28)  My question is can I hook up my Rel sub using a different speaker speaker terminal like 2 4 or 16 ohm?  I have my Devores hooked up to the 8 ohm taps with a banana adapter and can't squeeze the sub wire behind them.  I see no reason why I can't connect to the 4 ohm (or others) but just want to make sure. 


Sounds wonderful by the way.  I've only heard this combo on the ADS 910's that we had growing up so to hear them through the Devores is a real testamant to how good this old gear really is.  My Leben will get the month off.
No you can’t. You use either the 2,4 or 8 ohm tap, but not more than 1 at a time.  You will harm the amp if you do otherwise.  
Thanks I took another look at it and was able to unscrew the back side of the adapter and tighten down on the sub wire. Next my 11 year old asked if I could put on Shek Wes.  Life is never simple.
Although you’ve found a solution, I’ll mention that I took a look at the schematic for the amp, which is contained in the service manual which can be viewed at if one is registered there, and I see no reason why you couldn’t use a tap for the sub that is different than the tap the main speakers are connected to. The worst that could happen would be a hum problem, but I doubt even that would occur.

In saying that, though, I’m referring to the red and yellow wires from the sub. Without knowing the details of the internal design of the sub I would recommend against connecting the black (ground wire) from the sub to anything other than one of the amp’s two "Com" terminals. (It doesn’t matter which Com terminal is used, as the Com terminals for the two channels are connected together internally).

Also, if you are using just one sub the red wire should be connected to the same tap on one channel that is used to connect the yellow wire to the other channel. Otherwise sonics would be compromised, although no damage would result. And if you are using two subs the red and yellow wires should be connected together, to a single tap on the amp channel corresponding to the particular sub.

-- Al

Thanks Al.  My understanding is that the Rel doesn’t put a load on the amp like a speaker so wiring to another terminals would be okay.  It’s hooked up properly and sounds great.  

Thanks all all for the replies.