Why aren't Rush fans more audiophile-natured?

As a member of more than a few Rush boards, and as a long term audiophile, I'm amazed that more Rush fans aren't dedicated audiophiles. Most seem content with the standard Pioneer/Kenwood/Crutchfield type of stuff and while there's nothing wrong with that, the band's music really comes alive in a good two channel set-up. Most times when I list my components, the vast majority of the board either has no idea or doesn't care.

This is true of the greater population in general, but any thoughts on why fans of one of the most musical rock bands ever would seem detached from hi-fidelity? I have some theories, but I want to hear from the audiophile community.
Why should Rush fans (or any other sub-genre of music for that matter) be any different from the population at large? Does appreciation for Rush imbue the Rush fan with some powers of musical appreciation that make them more advanced and sophisticated than other listeners? The way your question is phrased seems as if you feel that's the case. If appreciation of sophisticated music is supposed to make it more likely that a listener is going to be an audiophile, then it would follow that a high proportion of classical music afficionados would be audiophiles. That's certainly not the case in my experience.
These days, there are many paths to good sound besides the traditional audiophile mantra.

The fact that most people like music but are NOT considered audiophiles these days says a lot.

Nothing special about Rush or most popular acts that says "audiophile". Millions of people enjoy good sound these days and have no clue what being an audiophile means.
there are gazillion of bands like that even more than you can ever imagine.
rush haven't been released on audiophile pressings and haven't been presented to audiophile crowd during shows.
an audiophile crowd is infinitessimal compared to the rest of population so audiophile re-issues are rather done on pop bands and/or orchestras. i haven't seen clash represses as well or audiophiles clash fans.
any skinny puppy or sisters of mercy fans(goth rock)
how about experimental or noise music? i haven't seen it's being discussed here. saw discussion about rap being hated here, but not punk rock or experimental simply because these bands would make no sense for audiophile remastering and presenting in audio shows for 'critical listening' imagine that!
Rush' vinyl pressings are audiophile enough for me, especially original ones.
Dude... There may be a gazillion bands out there ..BUT.. RUSH was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013....They don't need no stinkin' audiophile.

1.) Rush sucks after MOVING PICTURES
2.) Geddy's voice causes crossovers to distort tweeters
Because they are deaf?
You would be surprised to see how many of those early Rush
albums are Robert Ludwig's handy work,Venture to say when
Vinyl was king 60% of Rush's catalog Ludwig sat at the
engineers board.
Sound like there's something wrong with your system, unless everyone else here experiences the same problem. My system certainly doesn't distort to Geddy's or anyone else's voice.

Nice try!
Mr. Mapman :"The fact that most people like music but are NOT considered audiophiles these days says a lot".
yes, I am with you 100%. I enjoyed listening the sound of music yesterday and today. But I refused to chase the sound of yesterday as an audiophile with vintage tools.

I'm with you.

I love the looks of classic cars and enjoy an occasional spin in one, but things have moved on. Same true with good sound and pretty much everything of value based on technology.
Rush has released their catalog on Hi-res download and it sounds great. Especially, the previously catastrophically bad Vapor Trails. The hi-res version of VT is fantastic. I always had a strong suspicion that album had very good tunes on it. I threw out my original disk after about 5 listens 10+ years ago.

The new disk, A Clockwork Angels, in my opinion a top 5 RUSH album.

I always take some RUSH when I demo speakers. I recently listened to Tom Sawyer and YYZ on hi-res with KEF Blade speakers and that is now my next speakers to get.
I was a Rush fanatic as teenager-as an old man I still buy their records and go to the gigs.

My honest opinion is that the production on Rush's records are mostly mediocre and even the classic era stuff doesn't particularly shine.

Maybe that's had an impact in the type of people drawn to their music-maybe not as I don't think you can make that comparison.

As for the recent releases including the softened up Vapour Trails-they aren't great records to listen to on a high end system-also VT is a terrible record in terms of songs.
The remasters-just about everything are merely ok.

Clockwork Angels is a decent record certainly never a top 5 Rush record...imho of course.
06-10-14: Notec

1.) Rush sucks after MOVING PICTURES

I like Power Windows. It's great album and very well recorded nearly on all of releases.
I like Power Windows...

Hated when Geddy got all "synth" and lame. And as Rush's first all digital album I hate that too. Their story/career is an amazing one tobesure. Just can't listen to even one measly note after Moving Pictures.
More post 2000 releases blend indie with prog punk and noise. hot combo kool sound kool music, not classic rock for sure, but they step with time and do the best.
"Hated when Geddy got all "synth" and lame. And as Rush's first all digital album I hate that too. Their story/career is an amazing one tobesure. Just can't listen to even one measly note after Moving Pictures."

Agree with Notec. I just picked up Hemispheres on LP, and I do like it. Some good music IMO. Pretty good sound too.... Maybe because I bought it in Canada (-:
MFSL has issued gold discs of Rush back in the days of Gold Discs.
AC/DC fans as well???

Not to mention "Yes" fans.
Listening to Test For Echo on cassette as I write on a Nakamichi Dragon! Audio nirvana!
Test for Echo is a great album often over looked in Rush's cannon of work. For me Roll the Bones was the last great Rush recording.
Did anyone watch this week's episode of "The Bridge"? A Rush T-shirt and a stack of vintage stereo components were significant plot points.
TOTALLY agred on Rush SUCKING after moving pictures. Hard core Rush Fan of the pre-commercial years here. Just like any other band fan - few are audiophiles, most aren't.
2112-3x platinum and Moving Pictures-4x platinum are the most "commercial" releases by Rush. There "keyboard" based recordings never went multi-platinum.
If you can find audiophile Clash fans, consider them not audiophiles.
Clash's London Calling is undoubtedly audiophile worthy. So is their live album the name of which escapes me. Clash rules, of course. That goes without saying.
Moving Pictures "keyboard based?"

I mean yeah Geddy plays some keyboard but there is also more bass being played on that record. Just becuase there is some keyboard on a recording doesn't make it "keyboard based." By that argument one could say it is drum or guitar based. Or even instrument based!