Who makes coax speakers?

I'm  wanting to maximize vertical dispersion in my speakers so that I'm not forced to sit when listening. I understand that this limits me to coax or singledriver speakers, the later of which I already have and I'm looking for better frequency extension. My room isn't large enough to properly support omnis.

What brands manufacture these types of speakers, or anything else which would fit my situation? I'm aware of Gradient, KEF, and Tannoy. Likely to buy the Gradient Six speakers unless I'm missing a better option. Seas makes all manner of coax drivers but I'm unable to find any brands using them, why is that?
Vandersteen and Linn make them as well.

Some older Thiels.
The best way to achieve vertical dispersion is with a line array. 
Line array? I was of the belief those tightly focused the vertical dispersion. I want a speaker that sounds mostly the same whether I'm standing or on the floor, I'll be using my listening room for exercise.
a planar speaker will do that very well - a Magnepan ribbon tweeter will act as a line source
They do tightly controlled vertical dispersion. And they tend to be quite tall and/or curved as well. They’re the ideal solution for uniformally projecting sound over distance and height.
Tall ribbons are ideal line arrays, far more so than coaxial drivers.
Genelec 8351 is coax has equivalent of a 10'' inch woofer

On the 4th May they released 2 smaller versions of the 8351
They are powered with DSP and can be placed vertically or horizontaly

The modern Kef's and Technics I believe.
Just got done designing a Kit for Seas/Madisound using the 7" Reed Cone Coax and two of the 8" Alu cone Woofers, Plans, Crossover schematic etc will be up on the website shortly.  The finished product will be on Display at LAAS in June in the Madisound booth along with the ScanSpeak B741 kit I designed for them a few years back.

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" a planar speaker will do that very well - a Magnepan ribbon tweeter will act as a line source "

Not everyone can bear to listen to those aluminum ribbon tweeters. He also doesn't have that much room to work with.
Aside from getting something with drivers specifically designed to do what he's looking for, I'd suggest digging through the measurements JA at Stereophile does on the speakers they review. He generally does vertical axis measurements. 

Most speakers designed by Andrew Jones use coaxial drivers. These range from moderately priced Elac to high end TAD or Pioneer. Omega speakers can also make you a design with single drivers both on front and on top. Rarely come up for sale but I saw one up for sale on A'gon just recently and was very tempted.

I left out the fact my room is 10x15' and the speakers can at most be moved 1' from the wall. Budget tops out around 2.5K assuming passives. I'll look into the brands mentioned & stereophile measurements listed. I think my close to wall placement counts out ribbons(dipoles?) Good advice so far.

@pbnaudio Can you release pricing information at this time? I wonder if the woofers might prove too much for my room.
I don't know yet what Madisound will charge for the kit Driver cost is $806 for a stereo pair (4 woofers and 2 coax drivers). Typically crossover components cost is about equal to driver cost so I'm guessing at $1500 to $1600.  Then what ever you'd want to spend on Cabinets on top of that.

The Seas CX871 (which is what we are going to call it) is front ported, Dims are 11W x 16D x 44T, as will all my designs its neutral / flat frequency response,  so I don't think you will have an issue with woofer overload in your room size.

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Added a few pictures of the finished Kit on my system page - Check it out :-)   Grilles and Stands are not yet installed 


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I think that moving around, standing and not seated is going to somewhat change the character or sonics of most any speaker to some degree. 

The size of your room depending on how much stuff you have in it, will easily support a pair of Ohm Walsh Micro Tall or even 1000 series speaker. 

Also, a pair of Larsen Model 4's also could be another possibility, they go right up against the wall behind them. Note: I own a pair of these, have had them for almost 5 years now, they just do the job easily, little fuss. 

Just suggestions FWIW.