Who do you think makes the best TOSLINK cable?

My PC is connected to my DAC/CPD via a generic 280 glass fiber cable that is 12' in length. It sounds pretty good and was purchased new from "HI-FI Hookup" for $29. I can't run USB as my DAC does not accept it and when trying to run Coax, I had a nasty ground loop buzz, so TOSLINK is my solution. I have learned of a name "Lifatec" and they have a 470 fiber cable for around $135 for a 13' run.

Opinions and experience please! Thanks in advance.

The Lifatec is supposed to be the best out there. Go for it
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The new DH Labs Glass Master Toslink is the best I have heard by Far !  I have not tested the Lifatec, but glass fibers are most certainly the way to go.