Velodyne HGS-18 and Triad who makes it Platinum?

I am running a home theater split from my 2-channel system. The speakers used are ALL triad, and definitely need large subs for the set. This is for a theater only, no being concerned about 2 channel. Though I understand the relationship bewteen a good sounding 2 channel speaker/sub/amp and home theater.

I am using a pair of Triad Platinum 18" powered subs now.
Does anyone know who makes these for Triad, assuming they do not directly?

The real question is this:

Would I notice or hear any differences in using a pair of HGS-18II subs in place of the Triads? I have the Triads set up right now, in use, and a pair of HGS-18IIs still sealed. I have the ablility to return them if NOT opened, and am trying to make the determination before doing so.

I like the Platinums quite a bit, however, wondering if a large change would occur by using Velodynes instead.

The amp in the Velodyne is a 1,250 while the Triad is 500.
Is output like a regular amp, where you need to double the power to increase 3dB?

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

You have them just sitting there in the boxes...

Man, that's willpower.

I believe that Triad manufactures speakers in Portland, Oregon. Where they are sourcing drivers and amps from is beyond me, but I don't think the Triad subs are "badge engineered" if that's what you're getting at.
Both of these will do just find for movies,the Velodyne will play louder and deeper,but they both have their problems with fast transit.Want to talk more please email
Dan, from what I've read (was it the Audio Perfectionist?), I would steer away from most/all servo controlled subwoofers.

As you know, I own a Platinum sub. For an 18 inch sealed sub, I find it really compliments my 2-channel system nicely.

I've also experienced a very good upgrade in the lowest-region sonics simply by installing Audience's inexpensive Conductor series ic's.

The Audience ic's have done much to minimize/eliminate time-smear. The Conductors have done for the sub what their Au24 speaker cables have done for my full range speakers.