Classic rock vocal-only remakes

The other day I heard Mic Jagger belt out "Gimme Shelter" on my favorite morning radio talk show. Difference is there was no accompaniment,just his voice. This was the original studio recording. I had no idea how much was actually going on with his voice till now. It sounded absolutely awesome! Apparently it is the intro for a new computer game that has recently debuted. So I'm wondering if anyone's aware of such a compilation or otherwise of classic tunes by our favorite artists. What a terrific new and refreshing way to hear those old tunes.
Not pure vocal only but...

Listen to George's acoustic rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from the BEatles Anthology CD. Awesome!

"Double Fantasy Stripped Down" is also a nice simpler take on that Lennon solo material.
For some reason I find the possibility of a bunch of studio single tracks to be remote. I hope not because it would make for some very interesting listening. You did ask the right question are they out there in some new release?
However. I mean just the vocal track with no accompaniment whatsoever. Fabulous!
I have a Beach Boys CD released in 1998 called Perfect Harmony, and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "When I Grow Up" are just the vocal harmonies sans instruments...apparently these tracks are also available on a boxed set also.
Great! I'm on it. Thank you.