Which dac ?

I have a primaluna prologue 2 driving Omega 3xrs single driver speakers and was wondering which Dac might be good to try next. I have a benchmark dac1 pre and like it a lot but wondering what else to try. The  room is 10x11 with 8 ft cielings. I stream tidal and like simple music, acoustic guitar , female male voices and piano. Mostly listen to popular country pop etc.
thanks for you guidance !
Used or new  $500 to $700
IMO, this is a real sleeper.  Very hard to beat for anything under the really big buck units.  More than enough for your needs.

If you are looking for a warmer/more organic sound see if the Bel Canto Dac 2 is still available @ Audiogon (used from a dealer for $275).

Suspect it would work well with your setup.

I used Bel Canto’s 1.0 & 1.1 with wide range single driver speakers and they both balanced well in regard resolution VS musicality.

Didn’t care for their later offerings (of 10 years ago mind you) as they became more detailed/colder.

Didn’t realize you has a Bel Canto Dac 2 for sale here (and the one I mentioned is also for sale @ A’Gon).

Curious as to what you did you not like about it (and did you use the RCA/coaxial connection)?
Delay I I need a usb. for streaming tidal. I haven't listened to it yet. I purchased it thinking I could hook it up but didn't realize it required to slink or coax. Just purchased a Concero hd and will try to listen to both.
OK, I assume the Concerto allows USB connection.

Kind of funny that I recommended what you already purchased.

Must be a single driver mentality sort of thing.


That he benchmark was good but the Concero hd is better. Larger soundstage and better bass. Still like both. Wish I could have heard the bel canto, but very pleased with both dacs.


Have you heard any of the TEAC DAC's? 

I haven't heard the teacher days but I hear they are recommended
Perfectly reasonable and on sale is the Parasound Zac V. 2 once warmed up.


Thankyou all. The concero is doing well now I need one for my other system Mc 2505, or 2205 and accuphase p300. Just purchased a used McCormack tlc1 deluxe. Any suggestions on dacs or music streamer?

Teac UD-501 (under $500) or UD-503 (under $1,000)
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