Which amps have 2 sets binding posts per channel

I have a Aragon 3002 that has 2 sets of binding post to the left and 2 sets to the right channel. I like the idea of running 2 pairs of speaker cables to each speaker that is bi-wired. I assume you call this shot-Gun but I was never clear on this after all these years. Am I limited on selection as most I see offer only one set to each channel. I really don't like the idea of piggy backing the spades on one post. I am sure it's just me but I prefer not to do this if I have some choices.
And I do not care for Jumpers even though I have done this in the past.
Just want some options as I am thinking of replacing my Aragon.
the logical jump from an Aragon is Krell
Plinius SA series amps have two sets of binding posts for each channel. I've owned several Plinius pieces and found all of them to be a great value on the used market. The SA series also provide the option of running in either Class A or Class A/B.
Lamm amps have this feature as well, and I like it very much for my bi-wired speakers too!

Very convenient, and the speaker wires not only tighten better, but they stay tightened.
My Cary 500MB monoblocks have two sets of WBT posts per channel.
Pass Labs
Mark Levinson
PBN Olympia amps
I really don't like the idea of piggy backing the spades on one post. I am sure it's just me but I prefer not to do this if I have some choices.

While it is a little easier to connect two sets of spades to two separate sets of posts, realize that there is no performance advantage. Amplifiers which offer two sets of posts just have them jumpered together internally. If anything, there is a minuscule downside to the extra posts and jumpers compared with one directly connected set that feeds both spades. This of course assumes that you are able to make a tight connection.

Many amplifiers have really nice big posts with plenty of room to fit two sets of spade lugs. Some of the ARC amps I sell with the large custom brass posts are a good example. They can be tightened nice and snug with a $10 binding post wrench. The other recommended option is to have one set of speaker cables terminated with bananas or BFA's. That way the spades can be tightened onto the post and the bananas can be inserted into the back.

I guess my point is that in your quest for the right power amplifier there are many more important factors that come in to play like sound quality, power, price, size, heat, etc... I would say that a requirement for two sets of binding posts is so far down the list as to be pretty unimportant.
I agree with Davemitchell.

Also, check out this link about bi-wire. Very interesting information.


It explains shotgun and bi-wire.
Ok, I am getting a lesson here and many options which I appreciate.
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Meridian amps generally have two pair of binding posts per channel (but some of their lower power offerings may only have one). I used to have a Meridian 557 running to my Maggies--it was a very nice combo.
Krell FPB's, and they are the best, easiest to use I have seen.

My Vincent SP 998 300WPC Reference monoblock amplifiers.
the Atma-Sphere MA-3...
the Atma-Sphere MA-3...

I'm waiting for something bigger...like maybe an MA-4 or 5:-)
All amps potentially can....just find a decent electronics technician to add them to an amp you already like. It's an hour's worth of work (to do it well) and is possibly the easiest, lowest risk mod that a person can make. And if you have a reputable technician do it, this shouldn't lower the resale value.