replace binding posts on Monarchy SM-70


A moving incident caused the binding posts on my Monarchy amplifier to snap off! Everything else looks, fine, just the red terminals on both left and right channels are broken.

I'm handy soldering so replacing should be easy, but was looking for tips on what kind of binding posts I should use. Does anyone know what the stock brand is?

I'm not looking to spend a fortune on WBT or Cardas connectors.... just to get it back to the state it was in.
Parts Connexion has some nice WBT's on sale at 50% off: ( Not exactly cheap, but- less than an arm & a leg.
I'd call CC Poon at Monarchy and ask him.
Call CC Moon and get the posts from him.
Get the exact replacement if you can. That way there should be no drilling involved. Hook up is easy but drilling holes to fit is a pain.
The LED in the on/off switch for one of my SE 100 amps was flickering, more of an irritation than real problem. I ordered replacements from Mr Poon who responded very quickly. This was far easier than trying to find the proper replacement on my own.

No question, I'd get them from Monarchy.
cool. thanks! i always forget that's the bonus of buying from small manufacturers. they actually help you out after the fact! i'll drop him a line.