Anyone change the binding posts on Sonus Faber Extremas?

Has anyone tried upgrading the binding posts on the original Sonus Faber Extremas?  Wondering if it's possible and if it's easy.  Thanks
Anything is possible.

But, why?

To have really cool looking binding posts?

Or to have better sound?

If better sound then the best binding post is no binding post. Remove, solder, replace when time to sell. What's the prob?
Mainly for better sound...and somewhat for ease of use.  The current posts are not the easiest to tighten or loosen
wcheng2 OP

leave the speakers in original condition and get some of these banana plugs and use them instead, they have a huge high pressure contact area, and are Direct-Silver plating over Beryllium copper

And forget using the terminal screw system, just plug the above in the hole made for these.
BTW you have my dream dynamic speaker there, please leave them to me in your will.

Cheers George
Why?  How often do you change your speaker cables?  
Probably change them more than I should...I'd say I'm connecting and disconnecting for various ourposes at least once a month.
Just enjoy them, if your not, it "could" be the amp that's not driving them properly.
When I heard my mates ones finally sound good after a few amps tried, it was with big Krell monoblocks.

Cheers George