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A Very Useful New Discovery--EON Digital Filter from Network Acoustics
Hi lalitk: Did you get your ENO Ag installed and auditioned?  
Uptone Audio EtherREGEN review
To owners of the Ether Regen: Do you you leave it powered on 24/7? I just got mine yesterday along with the LPS1.2 power supply. Very impressive right out of the box. The unit itself and the LPS1.2 run pretty warm. I set the voltage to 12V per Ale... 
Best Server To Run Roon Core
@mapman  " Walk before you run"  . Good words to live by! Excellent advice. 
Best upgrade for cd player?
+1 in_shore. Computer/server audio surpasses sonically my CD transport (Teac/Esoteric P1). Having my CD collection on a hard drive now, as well as streaming Tidal via an I Pad is just the icing on the cake. Good listening! 
My Esoteric having issues....what should I do
My Esoteric having issues....what should I do
Hi missioncoonery: They are a full service electronics repair shop. The Nakamichi service just happens to a specialty of theirs. I've had repair and upgrade work done by them on Exemplar, Dehaviland, and MFA gear in addition to my Teac/Esoteric tr... 
My Esoteric having issues....what should I do
Contact Jeff Gailin at Electronic Services Lab in Wethersfield, CT   https://eslabs.com/aboutus.htm  . They are an authorized Esoteric service center, and worked on my very old Teac/Esoteric P1 transport for me. 
Uptone Audio EtherREGEN review
Are any Ether Regen owners using an updated umbilical cable from the LPS 1.2 ?  
Isolation Feet Upgrade
For lower priced footers,  I found these to sound the best   Bright Star - IsoNodes (Extra Large) - Audio Video Accessories And Parts - Amazon.com  
Puritan PSM156
I bought one about a week ago and I have to say twoleftears is spot on with his assessment. Right now I just have the preamp, CD transport and DAC plugged into it. This thing is the real deal. The sound is sweet, organic, and more dynamic than wit... 
What's happening with Exogal?
Hi Jeff: Thank you for updating us and providing encouragement to all Exogal customers and dealers. Frankly, I was getting worried about the company's future. Looking forward to what's on the horizon now. 
What's happening with Exogal?
Hi riley804: Brian Walsh was less than helpful.   "Because of COVID-19 we don't have any information at this time. Feel free to check back when you hear that business is getting back to normal in Minnesota."   Brian Walsh 773-809-4434  
What Combinations of Components Have You Put Together That Sound Good?
Hi Doug: Are you referring to your Exogal Comet plus DAC? What amp did you pair with it? 
Comparing Amp Stands and Racks from Adona, EdenSound, and Symposium
Hi Mike: Nice to see you chiming in. I use an Adona rack (which I especially like because it's completely adjustable) and looks cool. I used their shelves for years, but have upgraded them to Marigo Audio composite shelves that can be custom made ... 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
PBN Audio for me.