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Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
@lancelock : I use a pair of the Matrix IC cables and a power cord. They are outstanding, especially for the price. I look forward to your detailed assessment of Bob's new line of cabling. He's  one of the really good guys in audio.  
Tube Rolling Advice for the Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme?
@oddiofyl : Would you please explain in technical terms why you say "With respect to 12sn7 adapter,  I would personally only use 12au7 and / or their exact pin out equivalent,  especially on a $7500 preamp". I find many of your posts informative a... 
Cullen Cable
I wanted to give an update on my recent order of a 3 ft. Crossover II power cord from Cullen Cable. As stated above, via email Patrick replied to me in 24 hours. and I recieved the power cord 30 days  from that point.  The Crossover II power cord ... 
Cullen Cable
+1 jjss49, only 24 hours for me.  
Roon Core Server Player
Hi sns: Your posts are always helpful to me.  In regards to ROON, when you say "turn off all DSP" do you mean set everything to the default settings? Jeff  
The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
@rareace : Agreed. Marigo Audio vibration control products are outstanding. I've been a very satisfied customer for over 20 years. Jeff  
Streaming Sound Quality - Want the very best sound quality? Network Acoustics ENO...
@lalitk : Agreed. Rich is very responsive and helpful.  
WA-Quantum GmbH's Quantum Chips
Hi ozzy: The "more presence " that you're referring to translates into a more aggressive and in your face presentaion in my audio system. I've  removed all of them. Initially, there was a WOW factor when these chips are installed, but listening fa... 
The Exogal saga continued....
Hi michrt: Your post is confusing to me. How is the firmware upgraded when the company is no longer in buisness? Jeff  
Competitive class D amp suggestions
Hi Ralph: Do you any plans for a Class D preamp in the future?  
Mitigating the Bubble
@tommylion : Agreed.  
Mitigating the Bubble
@sheridd2 : Thank you for the descriptive update. It was very helpful.                       @theaudiotweak : Thank you for the observations  you made (pun intended) concerning the Nanoflo's effect on video cabling.  
Recommended USB Cables under $200
Hi imaninatural : I also highly recommend the Viablue cables. I use a couple of their ethernet cables that bettered the Supra Cat 8 cables that I was using before.  https://tritonaudiocables.com/Digital-Cables_c_23.html    
Mitigating the Bubble
@tsushima1 :  Are you inferring that MC must be the puppet master behind the scenes of this thread and the Nanoflo saga?   
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
+1 wsrrsw: I'm also using the Furutech GTX (NCF) outlets. I tried the PS Audio, Synergistic Research, as well as the Furutech GTX (R) previously. One word of caution regarding Furutech and Oyaide products however. Buy them only from an authorized ...