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Package Lost in US Customs
Thank you for all for the encouraging posts. These days it's easy to feel overwhelmed with helplessness. 
Power cable for REL sub -- modestly priced
+1 for Cullen Cables  www.cullencable.com/red-series/ 
POWER TUBES and Musical genre
"IMHO all 88's sound exactly the same"I have to disagree with that statement. I my amps (MFA M75 monoblocs) and in my listening room I've had the SED Winged C and the Genelex Gold Lions installed, and they clearly have a different presentation. 
High End Audio PC-Stil in Buisness?
I'm still waiting for my order. It seems that it's been  stuck in Jersey City, NJ since May 7, 2020. I know the COVID situation has really turned things upside down, however, that doesn't excuse not returning emails.  
Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?
If anyone is looking to buy PPT products, Ron Hedrich at Marigo Audio still has a few new products for sale. He was an authorized dealer through Tim before his passing. 
Great country recording
Check out The Derailers. 
Steely Dan
Hi Theo: I use these in black. They're outstanding!  noaudiophile.com/AudioEngine_A2_Plus/ 
Help with Newforce ST 200
Hi hifile: My Nuforce 9SE V3 amps use 5 amp-fast blo fuses. 
New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies
Hi grannyring: I'm curious. Do you have the "Gate" installed at or near your breaker box? 
New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies
Ron at Marigo Audio also makes some of the world's finest vibration control devices (shelves and footers). 
I'm curious what Add Pwr will be bringing to the party. Interesting products. 
New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies
Hi Steve: Same here.  The yogurt kept freezing! Your system looks (and I'm sure sounds) fantastic. Nicely done. 
Perfect Path Solutions Total Contact Mega Review
Hi Frank: I sent you an important email. Please read it. Thanks. Jeff 
New Omega E Mat from Perfect Path Technologies
Hi Steve: Welcome to the Perfect Path Tech experience! In the beginning , I was skeptical of these products having been a tweaker for many years. All of these accessories are the real deal, with the Gate being by far the most dramatic (as well as ... 
Diminishing Returns
Well said Mike.