What was/is the heaviest weight amp you herd/own

My current amp is a McIntosh MC252 @ 98lbs. My old Pioneer Elite was under 10lbs, I belive. My current amp IS the heaviest I have owned.
I suppose you mean, "weight per channel"? Or mono's don't apply?
Anyways, I had a stereo class A that weighed 165lbs. (Still have it, btw, & it still weighs the same:))
I'm thinking that my Rogue Zeus is 200lb ish.
Krell FPB 600. 180 lbs.
My current KR Audio Antares VA300 is 90 incredibly awkward lbs!
ive breifly heard the Krell MRA's a few years ago, as i recall they were several hundred pounds each like 300+lbs
Krell Master Reference monoblocks, about 600 lb. each, heard at CES several years ago at introduction. Wouldn't own them.
not that weight has any particular significance in and of itself; my heavyweight champ so far has been the Levinson #33 monoblocks. they weighed 365 pounds each. i owned them for two years.

more impressive to me was the magnificent industrial design and the 'commanding presense' that they visually projected. it doesn't take much skill to design something big and heavy.......but to make something that big and heavy that still looks 'right' is an achievement.

they sounded pretty good too.....which was why i bought them in the first place.
Just to add to this heavy confusion: my poweramp weighs some 35 kilograms. No idea how many punds or lbs that is, I only know it sounds awesome. Well, to my ears that is......
My friend's CAT JL-1 Limited Edition monoblocks -- 192 lbs. each.
Nearly killed myself helping him position them.

This thread is not silly, as an amp with high weight generally means (i)
serious power supplies (SS and tube amps) and/or (ii) serious output
transformers (tube amps).
I had the Krell FPB 700cx which weighed about 165 lbs. I thought that was a monster till I got my Classe Omicron. The bax shipping ticket listed it at 282 lbs with the case. It took two people to move it when I had to adjust the placement in my listening room.

I'm not sure I'd like to own the record holder, but I guess once it's in place there really is no need to move an amp.
Electronluv 45-845 monoblocks, about 145lbs each. Electronluv preamp, 2-piece (outboard power supply chassis), about 140lbs total for the 2 pieces.

Coincidentally they are also of course the best I have heard too.

I used to own a YBA passion amp.....160lbs aprox, 73kg

As some of you know....I've gone away from the massive to a differernt philosophy of very low mass.A la Michael Green.I've stripped all my components down to bare minimum.Basically only the circiut boards.
I used to own Audio Research M300s, 110 pounds each, 90% of that in the front, it seemed. Slimmed down to Lamm ML 1.1s, 70 pounds each, as I'm not as young as I used to be.
Wow! Some of these figures are staggering to my noobiness.
just looked it up the krells i refered to in the earlier post are 600 lbs/side!! and the size of a coffee table
Tube Research Labs GT-800's 1240 pounds shipping weight. They are a 4 chassis design with seperate tube regulated power supply (235 pounds) for each amplifier chassis (205 pounds).

More info at http://www.tuberesearchlabs.com/products/gt800.htm

So - What do you use as an amp stand? Concrete blocks?
So - What do you use as an amp stand? Concrete blocks?

Actually I did make amp stands from concrete blocks. I bolted 2X8's to the open ends and glued down small sections of anti-fatigue rubber matt to the top and bottom. Painted em' black. You may be able to see them on my system page. But even heavier still is the industrial Vibra-Stat platform you can see my preamp and CD/DAC. That stand is made of steel and lead and weighs about 300 lbs and is suspended on springs like small shock absorbers. It is ment for vibration control in laboratory conditions. Way overkill for the purpose it now serves...more of a conversation piece. I had to move it recently and let me tell you, it's makes the concrete blocks look mighty appealing!

Mine is just 85# but for 35 watts, that is mass enough!
The Shoreline 800s also come to mind, although no weight is stated.
"...Electronluv 45-845 monoblocks, about 145lbs each. Electronluv preamp, 2-piece (outboard power supply chassis), about 140lbs total for the 2 pieces.

Coincidentally they are also of course the best I have heard too."

That is some interesting equipment(!?!).
The speakers are the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in a home. Personally, I dont care how good they sound...even if I didn't have to pay for them*, I would not put those in my home unless my home happened to be Hearst Castle or similar. Actually, they would fit right in if you were the 'Mad Hatter' or the witch from 101 Dalmations...Cruella DeVille (?). No wait, those are Tom Petty's, right? Would 20 guage be alright on those? lol.
*Of course, I really would, then sell them and get something else...
Got you beat. My abovementioned 90lb amp gets me 18 glorious watts!
Rowland Model 7 monoblocks, 135 lbs each. 170 lbs each with wooden crate. I know someone who owns five--yes, FIVE(5)--of these in his video system!
my goldmund 29-m is about 140 lbs
Regarding those Krell MRA's...always wondered what size the transformers were in those? Anyone know? I know that the FPB-600 has 2X4KVA transformers which is unbelievable.
Jeeze...how much do your complete systems weigh??? Did you guys have to install extra support under the floor? I think my whole system weighs less than alot of your amps....but I've been working out lately so maybe I should get something heavier.

VTL reference 750 they are 150 pounds each block
Ellery sez: "how much do your complete systems weigh???"

Good question, never thought of that before... just under ~500 not counting racks etc.

If you think that's heavy, ALbert Porter's record player + paraphernalia, alone, is probably heavier...
Forget about reinforcing the floor for these amps;how about a geological survey?
How do you move a 365lbs amplifier? a forklift?
How do you move a 365lbs amplifier?

you don't. you have the dealer move it (i mean them....BOTH of them) in and out. my 250 pound son and i could slide it around on the carpet a little but even that was difficult. actually, you load it onto it's crate bottom......then attach the sides and top....then either get two hefty guys with an oversized handtruck or two piano dollys.

i also own a 600 pound turntable......which i can move quite easily once it is disassembled. it's heaviest piece is about 275 pounds.

my last speakers weighed 565 pounds each....but were actually very easy for two people to pack into crates and then slide two piano dollys under.

my current monoblock amps weigh about 110 pounds each and perform a good deal better than the Levinson #33's.

in general, the best audio gear has some mass to it since the best power supplies are typically quite heavy and resonance control usually involves the use of mass to some degree. but size and weight are only attributes when contributing to the whole...not as a goal in themselves.
Dynaudio Arbiter amps at 306 lbs each.
GamuT S600...I believe around 500 lbs per block!
I Had Rowland 9Ti's, 4 chassis, about 100 lbs. apiece. Went to pass 600monos, Krell 750 monos. about 120 apiece. Now the proud owner of a Boulder 2060, close to 200 lbs.
Levinson 33's are the heaviest I have owned. Prior I had a pair of 33H's.

33 365lbs
33H 200lbs.