Heaviest Amps ever made.

Hi-End not only sounds great, but nice aesthetics and tank like constructions are a must too. One of the heaviest amps I've owned was the Classe' Omega 250 lbs. How many other monsters are out there.
jadis ja800 amps weigh over 1200.00 pounds
The Jadis is about 4/6 separate pieces(maybe 8) Should we not stay within 2 piece maximum chassis? That there Forcell thing is as large as an end table,but I'm unsure of its weight.
The Tube Research Labs 4 chassis 800 Watt amps weigh in somewhere around 1200 pounds total. Winston Ma of First Impression Music purchased the first set back in 1991, and has retained them as his reference amps since. Photos are available at www.savantaudio.com for those interested, and no, I'm not involved with Savant Audio. I've heard Winston's system many times, always impressed how such a large tube amp still retains the delicacy of a lower powered amp.
KRELL Master Reference monos --680lbs times 2. 787lbs in box.
The VTL Wotan MB-1250s weigh 335 lb. each. 670 lb. a pair.
While not the heaviest, the Levinson 33 monoblocks, which I own, are 350 lbs. each (450 lbs. each in crates) Moving these babies around will give you a workout!
The new inductive amps to be introduced next year tubes and a 4000lb power supply
Audiocaptain@aol.com, I'm calling BULLSHIT! I work for a power company, and transformers we install for large current users (hospitals, schools) weigh that much. You had better reinforce your foundation!
One disadvantage is shipping costs and moving. From my experience you will be lucky if no damage occurs during shipping. One advantage other than the cool big Harley look is that it makes a thiefs job a lot harder.
Hey guys; When I do a job I case it first so I bring whatever is nesc. If the amps have MIT wires/ we just cut them, rather than unscrew.(carl-you out there?) Maybe to much time spent watching movies like Miss. Impasible/ Entrapment?
What about the Kraft 400's by Symphonic Line?