What's your favorite Patricia Barber album?

I just bought the Verse cd and like it very much. What do you guys think i should get next?

Glad to see you like Verse. Not many do in my experience -but I think it's great too. You could try Companion - recorded live at the Green Mill - I think it's out (or will be soon) on SACD as well. I've got all her CD's so I'm biased, but I really enjoy Modern Cool and Night Club the most. Enjoy.
I've got all her stuff, as well. You won't go wrong with any one of 'em. Nice recordings. I find her voice to be pretty weak and fatiguing. Still enjoy her music, though. peace, warren
Modern Cool be my fave, looking forward to Companion on SACD.
As everyone says, it is very difficult to suggest which one is best, I too have most of her recordings and plan on buy as and when they come out. I particularly like the album "Cafe Blue" very much since this was the first album I got after listening to it on a friends high end system on vinyl. My jaw dropped and I could not believe what I was hearing through those mini monitors (Alon Adrianas).

I would say if you like VErse you will probably end up liking all her albums, but, get the "Cafe Blue" as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Listening,

I agree with Cafe Blue, I think it is the easiest to listen to as well. I find her other albums (except for Verse which I have not heard) have a quality which is almost tense in their presentation, almost too studio perfect, maybe it is her singing which dominates the music. My friend likes Verse the best as it is not like her other albums and more accessable according to him. I do not mean to sound negative as I think the music is terrific, I am not the biggest fan of vocals to begin with and Patricia Barber is not replacing Joni Mitchell any time soon IMHO.
Companion (I can't wait for the SACD version!) I've had the opportunity to see Patricia live four times in different venues. By far the most amazing and moving experience I've ever had at any concert was at the Green Mill in Chicago. It was simple magical! I sat no less than 3ft from the small stage. Maybe that's why Companion is my favourite becasue every time I listen it brings be back to that experience -and isn't that what hifi is supposed to do!


You must be one of the 300 people in the concert, this is what Michael Arnopol had to say when asked this question on this very forum. He goes by the handle "Mikejazz" here. Havent seen him around lately though.

I also have the album Verse and in my opinion it is different from the rest, mainly because it contains songs penned by Barber herself so that makes the songs original, on the other hand the previous albums were songs penned by others with few of her own on each disk (from the music side). Verse is an album which may take time for some to appreciate, it is one of those albums. It was the last of Barber's album purchase for me, but, for Tommy it was the first. So it would be very interesting to see what Tommy's opinion would be when he gets any of her albums prior to Verse.

I think it would be very appropriate if you (Tommy) came back to this thread and share your opinion after you have listened to her albums. Get them soon we are waiting for your feedback! If possible get them all :-)
I also like Companion and Cafe blue cds. The Black magic woman track is one of my favour.
Modern Cool on SACD is great. Cafe Blue is a true audiophile classic, but I like Modren Cool and Verse better.
Am I the Lone Ranger or does anyone else really like the second cut on the Verse album? As luck would have it, it is the shortest cut as well (less than 3 minutes). The guitar is wonderful, the words are great and the beat is more upbeat and, to me, does not have that "almost all sounding similar" quality that the rest of her songs sometimes have. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of her stuff (but have to be in the mood for most). But I really like Verse and that second cut is my all time fav!!

Mike, if you are out there, how are those Eros and your modded Philips doing?
I must be the only one. Anyone have A DISTORTION OF LOVE. Antilles label. Great recording. Summertime, My Girl, just two of the cuts. Album done back in 1991. Anyone heard this baby? Put it on your list. peace, warren
Just buy them all. You will LOVE them. if forced, I say Companion.

audiophile911 is thinking what I am thinking. I am really looking forward to Companion on SACD. It is a truly excellent redbook recording and I want to listen very critically to the redbook v SACD.
Wow what a response! Ok i will go out and get a few of her older cd's this weekend. To tell the truth, i had to listen to verse a few times before i started getting into to it. But now i do love it. So let me check em out and i'll get back to you.

I have Modern Cool on vinyl. Holly Shit. Nuff said.
Here's a list of all PB's recordings:
Modern Cool
Cafe Blue
Distoriton of love

The 2nd cut on Companion, Use Me: You'll see what your sub woofer or speaker's got, in the way of bass extension. A four string bass that will rattle your walls.
Happy listening. warren
The 2nd cut on Companion will not only rattle your walls but penetrate through your bone marrow! To listen to this track in its full glory a subwoofer is MANDATORY not an OPTION.
It's difficult to choose favorites, but Cafe Blue may be it for me. The Split album is similar in vein to Verse and equally enjoyable.
They are all good. I heaed Cafe Blue on 45rpm (comes in 3 records is phenominal).
Hard to decide which one is favorite but lately I've been listenning to mostly Verse, Moder Cool and Companion. Question is, after you have all of her CDs, what else do you listen to or recommend that is close in style and quality of musicians?
Any time I go to buy a CD I have a hard time choosing something I really like. Would be great to see what you all PB fans listen to.
When I 1st heard PB's latest "Live: A Fortnight in France" I did not think too much of it but this is the type of CD that grows on you as you play more of it. IMO, the performance on this CD matches all her other earlier releases. A favourite of PBs, to me all of her releases are.......

As an alternative to PB's style, try Stacey Kent. She does not sound at all like PB ("dark") & her presentation of songs are very much more upbeat & refreshing. Certainly one of my favourite jazz singers together with PB & others. BTW, Stacey's hubby Jim Tomlinson backs her up with his Sax playing & IMO blends into her vocals very nicely.
By the way, that latest live cd, I don't have it yet. I got to get it. It's got to be good. Ipy, thanks. I checked out the new cd of Stacey Kent. She's pretty good. See the thing is if you look at all these singers, they basically sing all the same songs, pretty much the only difference is the voice. PB on the other hand, even if she sings a classic, she sounds like no other. That's the thing. Same as with Steely Dan, pretty much unique style. Makes it tough because evrything else sounds like something I already heard before... I'll keep on searching, but suggestions on what to check out would be great. thanks...