What pre in the $500 pre owned market

I just picked up a Pass Aleph 60. I am looking for a pre owned pre amp to go with this amp, My system is as follows.

Audio Note CDT-1
Mccormack DAC-1 /w upgrades
Jupiter speakers. http://www.jupiter-audio.com/pages/europa.html
I also have xm hooked to this system through a separate DAC.
I am thinking about a quicksilver linestage.
Also thinking about a mccormack tlc 1 pre.
Not real high end but it suites my needs.
Any other pre amps I might want to consider?
Like I stated I am looking in the $500 rage , pre owned.
I also have a NAD C 541i HDCD Player hooked up so the wife can listen to her CD-R as I do not want her playing them on the Audio Note.

Thanks Brian
My favorite is the Atoll PR-100.Great sound and remote control!!!
Quicksilver, AES AE-3 and Bottlehead Foreplay are superb in this price range.
Maple Tree with the 6SN7 tubes is a fantastic preamp and new they used to be around $700. Used?
Last Mapletree pre used I saw went for $4xx. Very well worth it.
Consider Coda, McCormack TLC, Rotel.

You might find a Marsh P2000t for that or a little more (disclaimer: I have mine for sale).

For a little over $600, if you can stretch your budget, you could get a Musical Fidelity A3cr which would be a notch above the ones I mentioned above.

The Creek passive, OBH 22 I think, that goes for $495 new will beat about any active under $3K IF passive works in your system.
Boy, that's a pickle. You have a great amp but no preamp and thus no music. On top of that you have only $500 for a preamp for your great amp. So you can choose between limiting your great amp with a preamp that is not at the amp's level, or else no music. Shucks.

I don't know what I would do myself. If I played vinyl I'd maybe save a bit more while I looked for an older Klyne. I've (rarely) seen SK-5As for under $800.
I would take a look at the vincent sa-31,Audible Illusions 2A,and Belles 20A for tubes and second the Klyne for solid state.
Eastern Electric Minimax is right in that range used and sounds awesome.
Audio Research LS-3.
Pass designed Adcom GFP-750. Stereophile class A. Might stretch your budget a tad.
You can also keep an eye out for a McCormack Micro Line Drive. It has 3 inputs, a tape input and output, plus it has the advantage of being a passive and active preamp. The active side can be adjusted +/-3 dbs with jumper inside the unit. Another plus you can have a remote control added for the volume control, check with SMc Audio on this.
If you've never heard the difference between an active or passive preamp this is a great starter to help you decide which you prefer. These can be found well within your budget and it comes with the help of a very caring designer.
i agree with mingles check out the bottlehead.bottlehead.com u wont be dissappointed.
Go for the Audio Research SP5. Absolutely incredible for my tastes.
Above price range you listed ,check out the Coda here on Agon,nothing better at this price.
I like my Sony TA-E80ES. Built like a tank, remote control, etc. They are hard to find but often are at around $500.

Skiezo.. How did the hunt go for a used preamp @ approx $500? I still think a McCormack TLC-1 or TLC-1 Deluxe is the way to go @ around $500. I have a McCormack TLC-1 deluxe and love it. I paired it with a Rawson Aleph J clone for a time and my system sounded really good. I had to turn up the volume controls a little bit higher to get the sound I wanted since I prefer the passive output on the TLC-1. Overall it was good experience. I now have a Threshold 400A with the TLC-1 Deluxe and I love the combination.

If you can score an Adcom GFP-750 with a blue board for $500 great. I heard these preamps sound wonderful and are a great value. I wanted one for a while but could never acquire one @ around $500. They always seem to go for approx $700.

Take care. JD