Preowned Focal 1027Be or New Focal Aria 936?

I'm considering purchasing a pair of Focal Aria 936 speakers that will be paired with an old McIntosh Mc2205 and C27 preamp. I've demoed the Arias at a dealer and really liked the way they sounded, but as is often the case, another contender has stuck it's head into the ring. Someone recently posted a pair of gently used Focal 1027Be speakers on Craigslist. I now find myself in a bit of a dilemma as to which ones to choose. Should I opt for the originally higher priced 1027's, or go with the newer technology of the 936's? The used 1027Be's are about the same, if not slightly less than the new Aria 936's. I have not yet heard the 1027Be's, but can anyone who has provide any guidance? 
Unfortunately, I've heard neither, but have been researching Focal quite a bit. The Electra series is higher tech and a higher line than Aria.  And you do not get the beryllium tweeter with the 936.  At the same price, I'd have to go with the 1027Be, unless a direct comparison indicated otherwise. 
I used to sell Focal and I'd  take the 1027Be without hesitation.
Thanks for the responses, that's what I was leaning towards too. 
Hard to choose, because the 1027be was back when Focal was known to make kinda “bright” speakers. The 936’s are unreal... but if you have some super smooth/warm tube amp/preamp, is go with the Electra’s. Keep in mind resale on Electra’s will be worse for obvious reasons.
I ended up picking up the 1027Be's for $3000, so for less than the price of the Arias, and they sound fantastic. They are clear and detailed, but not really bright. It may have to do with being paired with my old Mac gear, since it has a pretty warm sound. I think I made the right choice, and ended up saving a grand or so. 
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Congratulations. Great speakers. I have not heard the 936 but had a friend’s 1027be in my house for over a month as he was moving and paired with my pair of MC2200s - which is basically the same as your MC2205, they sounded excellent. I even liked them a lot better than my own Martin Logans. Was sad to see them go.
Thanks, I'm really enjoying them. I'm surprised to hear that about your Martin Logans, kalali.

I was able to demo them at the seller's house, but it's always difficult to tell what something is going to sound like on your own setup. I think if there was any brightness to tone down, the Mac did the job, as it has a pretty warm sound. As far as the bass response is concerned, I have a sub that I could use to supplement it, but the jury is still out on that. I don't find their bass response poor, by any means, and I don't listen to a lot of bass heavy music, but we'll see. I have that to fall back on, if necessary.