What makes a tuntable sounds warmer?

Dear all,
I replaced my 8 years old nottingham horizon with a new tuntable which priced a bit more than double.
All components remain the same incl. tonearm and cartridge (ortofon as212 and delos which both clocked about 150 hours). But after about 50 hours of playing, it sounds much warmer and lose details almost sounds like there is a towel on my speakers. I have experimented all settings on my turntable set but still resulting the same.

I Also check the speed but it's good at 33.3 and 45 rpm.

I think the horizon sounds better :(

What makes a turntable sounds warmer? It has dc power supply, is it due to power supply? How to make it sounds less warm?

Thanks a lot in advance for any advice
VTA maybe?

did you check this carefully?

Can you raise the tonearm a bit (as long as it is within safe paramiters)?
What makes a turntable sounds warmer?

Place it in the sun.
Scotch. But seriously maybe play with different footers. If you specify what TT you have maybe you can get specific recommendations.
be sure to turn the platter over at noon...
What did you replace your Nottingham with? And why?
Replacing a source component can be tricky. Remember that you tweak your system to get it sounding right with one source and then when you change the source, you might have to re-evaluate. You might have to move the speakers out or raise them up a bit. Room treatments. Stuff like that. BTW, this is pretty much a first - usually people are complaining that their stuff is harsh.
I would not describe VTA and cartridge loading as making a turntable sound warm, but others might. These adjustments will certainly effect the way your analog front end sounds. What exactly do you mean? Tonal balance, transients, sluggish bass?
If your cartridge's generating system is misaligned; you can lose much of your system's definition. Have you checked your tracking force lately? A weak/worn out/collapsed compliance can have the same result.
Hi all,
Put it under the sun or playing it at noon indeed makes it warmer, physically not sonically, while scotch makes warm mentally haha

In serious side, its TW Acoustic 0.5 which I think not under production anymore, not sure if they discontinued it because it doesn't perform well like its big brothers.

I have checked all VTA, tracking force, azimuth etc.
I put living voice mat and still point cones but still doesn't affect much after tweaking it.

The phono amp is tron seven, amp is lavardin, speakers is totem forrest.

It lost some details, a bit bloated, and well... Warmer with emphasize on mid range very thickly.

Perharps maybe it's really personality of it
Well the stillpoints should help. I am not familiar with your mat but in general softer mats will obscure detail and hard mats will sharpen detail. The Boston Audio mat is a hard mat that will definately sharpen detail. It is kind of spendy though. It should change the sound in the direction you want to go. If not then you may need to try a different TT.
do you run the same loading for both cartridges. the effect you state sounds like when you run a MM cartridge that needs 47kohm into a MC input with 100ohm loading. I know my delos sounds best at 100 ohm, but my clearaudio beta aurum needs 47kohm or it sounds like you state, a towel placed over the speaker
I would experiment with different ranges of VTF and VTA. What sounded dialed-in on the old TT may be different than what is needed on the new TT. I realize that might seem odd but what do you have to lose.

On my system I can create what you describe by having too much tracking force and/or by lowering the arm at the pivot making the cartdrige end higher.

Double check that the TT is level. I recheck my level once a month or so. Things under my TT can and do move with weather and humidity changes. The level doesn't move much but then it doesn't take much.

Dump it and go back to Nottingham.