Ortofon Concorde Gold- How it sounds ?

What's Yours opinion about sound of this DJ's cartridge.
Is it good to use in home stereo system
I listen to a lot of electronic , club music 
especially strong deep bass is important for me
How it compares to audiophile MC cartridges in this kind of music
Thanks for any opinions and advice
Awful muddy sound, just like any Concorde for professional use.
It has bonded elliptical stylus, low compliance for high tracking force.
This is really not a cartridge anyone need for home use (no matter what kind of music), this series is professional cartridges for the clubs and djs.

But even for clubs and djs Grado DJ200i (MI) killing it. In my opinion if you really want a cheap cartridge (under $100-150) go for the Grado DJ100i or DJ200i for professional needs or their Hi-Fi models like Blue,Green,Gold. Even for Grado DJ200i you can always change the stylus from hi-fi series. You can also look for the cheapest Nagaoka MP series at this price tag, there are many Audio-Technica cartridges, Garrott etc.

15-20 years ago i tried all Ortofon Concorde models, i used to run a very small record store for DJs back then. I’ve been selling Ortofon cartridges and used them myself. I wasn’t into Hi-Fi deeply at that time, it’s a shame because i had amazing deal from one of the European Ortofon Distributor for all their catalog, i could but all the High-End models such as MC7500 for wholesale prices i can only dream about (now), but i wasn’t interested :( My advice is to stay away from Concorde if the quality is more important that usability.

In september i brought my vintage Pioneer PC-1000 mkII (MM) to a friend, he’s using that wooden Pioneer PL-30 turntable from the 70’s, but with Ortofon Concorde Pro (Silver). He was blown away when we changed it to Pioneer PC-1000 mkII cartridge just to check it out, even his wife asked me to sell them my Pioneer cartridge then.

Comparing any DJ cartridge to an MC or any Hi-Fi MM is a joke!
It’s two different worlds.

Again, absolutely no matter what kind of music you like, a cartridge can’t recognize it anyway. A good Hi-Fi cartridge will play all genres perfectly.

Do not waste your time and money with an MC carts if you don’t have a perfect MC phono stage or MM phono stage with SUT or headamp.

Look for a decent Hi-Fi MM or MI cartridges with Nude Diamonds (not Bonded), you can find some killer MM or MI if you ready to spend $300-500 at least.