What is the best analog sounding CD player $2000

What is the best (analog) sounding player under $2000? How about under $1000? New or used OK. Straight out of the box - no mods.
Lector MK3 $2250.00 used as of 90 days ago. Today $2,000.00 as CDP prices are dropping.
I haven't heard it, but the Doge 6 certainly looks intriguing:


-- Al
Used, EMC-1UP, can be had for around 2K
ARC CD3 MKl > $2100 on Agon now > I know it's $100 over budget but this is a very good player for this amount.
Audio Aero Prima, but only the latest model.
I don't know what this means, but I have heard several music servers with outboard dacs that get close to sounding the equal of vinyl. The best stand alone cd players that I have heard are the Lindemann 820 B and the Exemplar/Shanling scd-3000.
One question, nine different answers so far. Go figure. Plenty of good players in that range. I'll give you another definitive vote for your considering going the Server/DAC direction, the better implementations of which sound better than any players I've heard. As far as Standalone players; as you see, there are plenty. Personal favorites that I've heard have been (and another vote for) Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP, or a used Modwright/Sony with outboard power or APL/Denon unit.
Arthur Salvatore has placed the Krell standard mrk II just about at the top of his best Cd players list on his site AUDIO CRITIQUE.

have owned The Krell SACD Standard MKI and MKII. While the MKI was an excellent player for the money it was plaqued with transport problems. I purchased my MKI in June 05 and within 18 months it went back to Krell 2 or 3 times. Krell replaced it with a brand new MKII, free of charge, and restarted the 5 yr warranty!

The main difference between the two was a new/improved servo-drive. The change in the drive made a significant improvement producing a wider deeper (to die for) soundstage, deeper and tighter bass and crisp but silky smooth treble.

I have read about complaints of load time, but mine loads in 3 to 7 seconds. I have read about noisy transports, but in complete silence, I can't hear mine unless I am closer than 2 feet away. Finally, I have read about, reliability issues. I have my MKII for two years. I play it nearly every day from a couple of hours to (a more typical) several hours daily. That's 2,000 hours without a problem!!

Get yours before the word gets out!
Surprised no one has mentioned the Rega Apollo yet - I bought it exactly for the OP's reason - more analog-like sound. Only $1100 new, too!
I have the rega apollo. I was wondering if there was anything markedly better. I was told to move up to the Saturn. I am still pretty happy with the Apollo, but I am one of those grass is greener guys -
Cary 303/300 used or their CDP-1 which is essentially the SS portion of the 303/300, imo.
Salvatore's recommended components list is a sham.

Take a look at the cdp and other components for the rankings not to mention the products he plans to evaluate.

It's littered with his friends' products.

A Canadian New York Times if you will.
Salvatore's recommended components list is a sham.

Say it ain't so, Bill! What, politics and ass-kissing in the world of high-end reviewing?! Oh, my world is shattered!!! I'm heading out to look for a tall bridge with a heavy amplifier to tie around my ankle....something on Salvatore's list, but I'll have to pick it up on the way to the bridge.
Arthur Salvatore... controversial...yes...wrong??...don't let anyone make up your mind! Read, listen, think and make up your own mind.

I stopped looking for an analog cdp when I got a Resolution Audio CD-50 a few years ago. Some very good cdps and dacs have come and gone but they can't beat the CD-50 in the area you're asking for. It's an oldie but a goodie.
You might look at the Resolution Audio Opus 21 for something newer.
Anyone who has long followed threads on Audiogon, Audioasylum, etc., should know that there is never the slightest consensus on any product. One can only be at a loss for why these lists exist. I have just returned from CES and have been in rooms with others hearing the exact same systems and recordings and again heard no consensus. One often sees YMMV which really should be YMWV (your millage will vary). I suspect it is because our ears are not all alike nor our tastes.
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Tbg - no truer words said: Spot-on! Of my few good friends who are also audiophiles I don't think any of us have expectations of 100% agreement, and our tastes do vary. We all do have a great passion for music and somehow manage to have a great time together in spite of varying tastes. I'd hazard a guess that that is one of the reasons these forums exist.
the problem with the term "analog", is the variety of turntables, arms and cartridges.

unless there is a specific definition of "analog", there are many "analog" sounds.

i will suggest that the idea behind this thread is a cd player which is somewhat forgiving and capable of providing enjoyment over long periods of time with a range of recordings, some of which are less than pleasing.

one cd player comes to mind, namely, the audio note cd 2.
i own this player.
I truly appreciate everyones responses. I understand that there are several, if not hundreds of possible answers to my question. I am just looking for some possible replacement choices for my CDP so I can research and listen to these players when I am ready to upgrade. I am just in the beginning of my quest for the right sound.... so please be patient and keep sending me your much appreciated suggestions. Thanks
Synergy is also important - what are the other components in your system? In my system (Musical Fidelity amp, MS Performance 6 speakers) the closest I've heard to the "non-digital" sound has been through an Audio Note DAC (1.1X Signature). You could look at adding a different DAC to your existing player to achieve the sound you want and have the added flexibility of later being able to build this into a server based system.
Roy, if one says "analog", then I'm thinking of vinyl, analog tape recorder, VHS tape, etc. So analog is not only vinyl and analog like sound is not identical to vinyl like sound. Or am I wrong?

Can you give more details about the servers and Dacs that you have heard in this price range? For a one box player the Lector Mk3 is excellent. I like it far better than my former AMR.
No Chris you're actually on to something. Try listening to master reel-to-reel tapes on a decent tape deck. It will make you forget about LPs. Some consider this format to be the status quo in analog sound. Also, don't forget about DAT which I might consider the best of both worlds. I've been listening more to my DAT masters of late than my LPs.

Otherwise I think Mr. Tennis has done a good job of describing what one means when they refer to analog sound.
Baranyi, I can well expect that the Lector outperforms the AMR. I did not mean to say that I know of quality servers in the price range. In the range of the AMR, yes. I heard the new Sonic Studio/VRS Amarra at THE Show for one.
Here's my two cents....The Rotel RCD-1072, at $700.00, is an incredibly musical, analog sounding player. If your budget is $2000.00, buy the Rotel, and with the extra $1300, buy a Rega P3-24 turntable/Exact 2 cartridge combination. Then, start enjoying truly beautiful analog sound. Good Luck, and Happy Listening !!!
The more I listen to the Electrocompaniet ECM 1UP, the more I really love it's analog sound. Used in the $2000 area. Worth an audition.I'm no longer looking at cd players whatsoever after a long search.