What Ampliffier And Magico A3

What is the best amplifier for magico a3?
Now i use two monoblock Classé Audio Omega with a Nagra PLL, but i thing that i need something more dynamic ... maybe something like a Spectral Audio DMA 250 or 260 ...???..
I listen jazz, french and classical music..

Some suggestions?

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Hello mirza78,

     I recently happened to hear the A3s at a local high-end shop that were being driven by a Mark Levinson 5805 integrated amp and the combination  sounded excellent playing jazz and classical from both vinyl and hi-res digital file sources.  
     The soundstage produced was one of the most realistic, life-like, detailed, 3 diensional and natural I've heard in years.  The background was exceedingly quiet and the dynamics seemed as powerful and natural as the sources dictated. Just beautiful music played back in equally beautiful high quality.

Mirza what makes you think that your massive Classe reference amplifiers are not dynamic?

The issue you may be having may be solved possibly by changing your source perhaps or cabling?

If you want to increase a system's speed and dynamics often adding footers can help tremendously. 

The Spectral sound is fast and clean perhaps your system is too dark and that is why it sounds less dymanmic to your ears.

We would need to know the entire setup before making any positive recommendations, but we would look at what you are trying to accheive.

Older Classe gear was very warm sounding the Nagra is very uncolored.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Hello Dave and Troy
Thanks for your answer.Here my hifi is:TT: ClearAudio Champion 2  
PrePhono: Nagra PBS --- interconect Crystal Cable Micro
CDP: Moon Evolution Supernova --- Interconect CrystalCable Standard
PreAmp: Nagra PLL --- Interconect DIY (non-name)...PowerAmpl: Classé Audio Omega Omicron Mono Amplifiers --- Speakers Cables: MIT Shutgun 2And a pair of Magico A3 of course... :-)PC: PS Audio P10 --- AC: PS Audio
All other AC cable are CrystalCable Standard.

Note that I live in a new condo with dry walls and studs at 24 inches.It is a very bad sound room and i presently try to tune it with acoustic panels and diffusers panels.


Anytime I've heard Magico paired to VAC at my dealer's, it's been excellent - extremely musical. Any of the current VAC lineup, including the integrated, are fantastic. 
Alon Wolf is said to be very fond of Hegel amps. 
Alon Wolf is very fond of Odyssey amps as well.
OP here are our recommendations:

1: Take your amps out of any PS Audio power conditioners, a re-generator kills dynamics.

2: Take out your DIY inteconnect and substitute one of your higher quality cables and re-listen.

3; Borrow a non networked speaker cable the MIT cables tend to roll off highs.

4: Add Critical mass footers under your preamp and digital components

See what these tweeks do for you

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
If you want a better sounding amp look at Audia flight Stremento #4 mk2 better than all the above.Also look at MAGICO Q PODS for underneath your preamp and amplifier better than the above.Im not a dealer!!
EBM we will do a shoot out of the Magico Q pods vs the Critical Mass footers any day of the week. 

If you are in the NY metro area please contact us. We know of of no other device which acts as both an isolator and and an absorber.

The reviews of the critical mass products all atest to the system alterating perforance of the footers.

This gentleman has a fantastic set of amplifiers and a very good preamp woudn't it make sense to have him try to maximize his system first before he throws the baby out with the bath water?

If you notice we have not mentioned other than him changing the footers any products which we acutally sell.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Hello Dave and Troy,
I will try all of it in the next weeks..
I'm from Quebec, an i can't go to NY at this time, but i keep your informations preciously.

Thanks very much for you for all those informations..
Thanks you all for your advices, It's very appreciated .

Here my Hi Fi,
Note that the acoustic panels are under construction and i never keep the grids, of course, when i listen music.https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/view_userimages.php?user_id=12369

I only tried other cheap speakers cables and it was very very good. MIT are very good cables, but not compatible with Magico A3.
So yesterday i bought two pairs of Nordost Heimdall 2 RCA and one pair of speaker câbles Heimdall 2. I'll get them today and i can't wait to try them...
Thanks again for all advices.
Happy Man! :-)
I heard a system with Magicos and McIntosh tube preamp / DAC with their 1KW mono block amplifiers.  
The sound was phenomenal.  Should be within your budget.  
@mizra78  How did the Heimdalls 2s do? 
Hello jo1mtb
Not too bad, better than the MIT with my system, but i think that they are not enough accurate for Magico (maybe?). A friend of mine should lend me a pair of Audio Sensibility Signature. I will try them after summer hollydays, and i will do the Dave and Toy's recommandations too.
Cables: https://audiosensibility.com/blog/products-2/speaker-cables-2/

Note: my previous speakers were Dunlavy SC V..., Very hard to find better.