Weird and funny songs

Weird and funny songs:

  • They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! by Napoleon XIV
  • Gangnam Style by PSY
  • The Fox by Ylvis
  • Eep opp ork ah ah by Jet Screamer in The Jetsons
  • Mah Na Mah Na by The Muppets
  • Super Chicken cartoon theme song 

Do you know of other songs?


So many from Monty Python. But the ones I'd recommend are 'Every Sperm is Sacred" , "The Lumberjack Song", "Sit on my Face and the "Always look on the Bright Side of Live....

Funny with a hint of truisms.

The lonesome road by dean Elliot, from ultra lounge. Recently heard it for the first time and I cant get enough of it.

I could list hundreds (but I'm not gonna start! 😁) - novelty songs have been around for many, many decades... 

BTW, Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedys did a great cover of 'They're Coming To Take Me Away'.....

Werid Al has many but my favorite were by Bob Rivers who I guess was a DJ in Seattle.  He wrote dozens if not hundreds.  If you go to: you can search.  He's retired now so they are are old, but some of my favorites include:

Dark SIde of Naboo (star wars meets pink floyd)

Ukranian Band:


Dirty Deeds Done with Sheep





@deadhead1000 There´s not one time I´m at an airport without being „worried about the baggage retrieval system they´ve got at Heathrow“. It always hits me.

Ubuweb in 2003 hosted a full year of strange and funny songs (365 days project). It´s still a goldmine and a reminder to myself, that I have to dig into the follow up they did in 2007.

No list like this would be complete without The Shaggs.

This always gives me good chuckle:

I won´t get into the world of company / motivational songs which is a wonderful thing in itself.

One of the greatest songs in any category (at least for me) is this legendary gem by The legendary Stardus Cowboy. Wait for the trumpet solo!

A very modern example is the „Organum Perceptus“ album by the Happy Valley Band. They are covering well known songs by leaving the original voice track intact and re-playing the music, which has been put through an AI-shredding-algorhythm. It´s hilarious!


Foreign cover versions are sometimes also funny. The Beatles pulled off singing in german quite well, but to my ears Peter Gabriel´s songs are a disaster (the same goes for Bowie´s „Helden / Heroes“).

Oh, how about „Kung Fu Fighting“ in finnish?

How about a finnish singer who does not put too much attention on hitting the notes singing in german about people getting drunk in parliament park? MA Nuuminen – as far as I recall – actually got sued for this indecency in this home country.

Oh well, I better stop here.