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Best audiophile earwax removal system?
If you have a lot of earwax, you need to be taking fish oils capsules (orally).  
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
Find someone with some omnidirectional speakers e.g. ohm, or open baffles or wide dispersion box speakers take a listen and decide for yourself.  You will get a different experience than the typical box speaker.  
What is your favorite cover?
Thanks Dekay--another stunning performance  
Remember the Electric Light Orchestra
Listen to the first few albums, before they became overly pop. Great stuff.  
Are there speakers that disappear regardless of the recording?
    @ ishkabibil Ever played a Beatles song where George Martin pans hard right or left? A. Imaging i.e. locating instruments in space ain’t the same as B.. speakers disappearing (does not require A) The question is B and we’ve listed a numb... 
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
TCO is total cost of ownership--I'm guessing he means power bill.  
What is your favorite cover?
Not exactly a cover as it's Leonard Cohen performing his own song, but with a mind blowing assist by Sonny Rolllins.  Perhaps from David Sanborn TV show maybe 2006.  
What is your favorite cover?
And for those who want memorable, as in cover with appliances that you may wish you could forget... Hurra Torpedo - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler cover) (1995) - YouTube  
Tone controls -- assuming you're ok with them, when would you try them?
TAS is fun to read and some here might be interested in this: Schiit Audio Loki Mini Equalizer - The Absolute Sound    $150  
"Best" 80's HiFi System
I still have mirage M3s LS3/5As are still sold (with knockoffs by like 4 or 5 companies) Dq10s are still very fondly thought of (one of the first open baffles)  
What is your favorite cover?
Warren Zevon did Knockin on Heavin's Door (I believe) after he'd been diagnosed  with terminal cancer. All Along the watchtower cover by Bear McCreary (from Battlestar Galactica) On YouTube e.g: Josh Turner Carson Mckee Reina Del Cid Toni ? las... 
Are there speakers that disappear regardless of the recording?
whitestix Two that come to mind are the above-mentioned Linkwitz LXmini's (where the sweet spot exists pretty much everywhere in the room)"   This  
Are there speakers that disappear regardless of the recording?
What I am talking about is that not only do the speakers disappear sitting in the sweet spot (for any music), but if I move a few feet in any direction , I still don’t hear the sound as originating from 2 boxes, just a wall (area?) of sound. Again... 
Are there speakers that disappear regardless of the recording?
The original poster's question is about speakers disappearing i.e. if you close your eyes do the sounds appear to be all coming from the speakers, or do they "disappear".    This is not the same as imaging i.e. can you tell where the violin is and... 
Are there speakers that disappear regardless of the recording?
I wonder if the meridians and Thiels (mentioned above) have wide dispersion and if many/most wide dispersion speakers have this quality.