B&W 600i speaker sounds weird..

One of my lovely B&W speakers suddenly started to sound weird. The bass would come on and off with certain music I played through them. At first I thought it was my old Luxmann L-2 amp that caused the problem but the other day when I took of the front of the above mentioned speaker I noticed that the outer rubber membrane had turned concave instead of convex. How could that have happened? Is there a way to fit it back into shape, or,- has it gone to the eternal loudspeaker heaven?

The spec. for my old Luxmann amp says it plays 33 watts per channel. Are these 8 ohm 100w speakers the right size for an amp like this?

I look forward to hear your advice.


You could try using a vacuum cleaner hose and maybe a crevice tool.  If not, remove the cosmetic ring and unscrew the woofer to gain access from behind.

Speakers are usually rated as the top of the range of power. If you like what you are hearing out of a 33w/ch amp no reason to change.
Your speakers need new suspension. Easy enough for a local tech to replace the surrounds.

You probably burnt the voice coil. It needs a replacement woofer or re-coning but at that price point you might as well just replace the speakers....
Peterknudsen - you probably just need surrounds which are pretty cheap. Any decent tech can check them for you first though.