walker proscenium

just heard a walker proscenium turntable at lloyd walker's. fantastic it was as if you could hear from in side the music as if you were there. at present i have a vpi hrx with a dynevectoy xv1s cart and thor pre phono. krell evo 202 pre amp krell evo 600 mono amps B&W 800D speakers quality cabling no major high end($). his just blows mine away. my question is it the parts, the whole, the way its set up or what? is it possible that his turntable can make that big of a difference as he says? thanks for you thoughts p.kogan
Koegz, as a Walker Proscenium owner (but without the most recent tonearm upgrade), I would say "Yes" in response to your question:
is it possible that his turntable can make that big of a difference as he says?
The Walker turntable makes a huge difference in the overall sound. The qualitative difference is something one simply has to experience, as you have, to begin to understand why the Walker truly is so special. Granted, Lloyd is a genius at setup and there are a lot of additional items in that system of his that make a sonic difference (his Velocitor power conditioners, his isolation devices and stands, his Extreme-SST contact enhancer, his line stage...). But it is largely the turntable that you're hearing and reacting to.
ditto, but to emphasize that every item in that system is extraordinary. And none of it euphonic. Squeeky clean would be an appropriate adjective. Even switching to the cables he's using would likely make a shocking difference in your system. There's alot of good stuff out there, and there are some that take it to the next level.
What you heard is what you heard. Ask Lloyd why, and I think he will tell you that many things contribute to the sound. The turntable is but one of the elements. To have a system that sounds like Lloyd's entails much optimizing and a good ear. He no doubt had cleaned the records with his Prelude and he no doubt used his Talisman prior to playing them. He has modified his speakers, his phono stage is in at least its seventh version. I doubt if you can just buy a Prosenium with your system and get the same sound.
While Tbg's are quite reasonable, I would venture to say that based on my personal experience hearing the Walker in three homes with all different systems(one being Lloyd's), the Walker table did tremendously in every setting. It provides a sense of realism I've rarely heard elsewhere, and extracts an incredible amount of detail from LPs without sounding etched or analytical.
My VPI TNT6-HR is not much different than your HR-X, and I'd say it's still a big jump from either of our tables to the Walker in level of performance. Cheers,
Dear Koegz: I heard three different systems using the Walker TT, all those three systems sounds good but different: because the audio items/room are different each other.

There is no doubt about the high quality performance of the Walker unit but as Tbg point out: " is but one of the elements " and IMHO certainly not the most important one in the quality sound reproduction.

You was hearing a very good set-up and I assume with a room integration at very good level. The question could be: what if you change the TT? which one could make a difference?, hard to say because with other TT the XV-1 has to meet a different tonearm and this subject is critical.

I think that at that very high quality performance level the real difference is in each one of us, in what are our audio/music priorities and in our trained ears/brain that is unique/belongs to each of one of us not to other person and that tell us what we prefer: the synergy between the audio system and YOU.

Unfortunatelly many of us can't have the opportunity to " live " in the long run with that kind of system to know if in the long run it is what we are looking for.

Anyway the Walker is one of the top TT out there and always receive very high praises any where, it can't be in other way.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I guess I don't write well. I was in no way dismissing the Prosenium tt. I did not have the version with the new arm, but it certainly was an outstanding tt. I merely mean that Lloyd is a genius in putting together a system and tweaking it to perfection. I set up my own tt as I am quite distant from Lloyd. I am sure I never heard it at its best.
Raul,"certainly not the most important one in the quality sound reproduction".....I understand your underplaying a "front end" of this quality based on your general comments,but you miss some of the aspects of this table/arm's performance specifications,that surely "matter",and BIG time!
We are talking of the exact "s-p-e-c-i-a-lt-y" that has made you the Info-maven in all things analog...."the front end"...Where is Ivor Tefenbran(spelling?)?
I simply have to assume that any owner of a Procenium is going to have the rest of the system pretty well under control.That being said,this is the "starting place" for the "delicate" signal,as you have called it.
How can it NOT be of paramount importance in influencing the envelope of a "really" good system?
Look at the aspects of this design,as it relates to spinning a "good" LP!
Ultra massive construction,ultra "low resonant" material composition(boy do I,now,know how important that is),an air suspension and an air bearing(NO RESONANCES),a superb linear arm,that has been greatly improved,and as I understand you can run the ultra high purity phono lead directly to the phono connection,of phono stage,whereas some folks actually directly solder this connection.WHEW!!!!
I have never heard a set-up sporting this front end,that did not directly reflect the absolute superiority of such a design!
It influenced the system performance characteristics greatly.Unless,of course the discs stunk.Possible,in some circumstances! -:)
I know you were trying to be even handed,in your comments,so please take mine in good spirits. -:)

your writing is perfectly clear. One excellent component does not a system make.
Dear Sirspeedy: +++++ " How can it NOT be of paramount importance in influencing the envelope of a "really" good system? " +++++

This was not my statement, please read again my post. Of course that the TT is very important and certainly the Walker " is more important ".

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul,the first was "your" quote,and the second one was "my" quote.I totally understood your post.
BTW,I'm just trying to spice things up,a bit,so don't take my posts too seriously.Just in good fun.
So,back to the Walker...."Of course it is soley one component,.....BUT when all else in place,the air bearing platter/air suspension,and the parallel arm,with it's own air bearing will DRAMATICALLY effect a high res system!
Of course,as is well known by you guys,if something like a supposedly minimal add on, like a high quality fuse(for example)has an impact on sound,or some dumb tweak(many do work)than everything has an "almost" equal impact on a superior set-up.
I'd still give major emphasis to something like the Proscenium.You will definitely hear it's presence.

Disclaimer..these comments are well known by most hobbyists,so please don't get the impression I am adding some overblown ego into the equation.My technical knowledge doesn't hold a candle to many posting here.I DO have a decent set of ears,though,and have heard a ton of systems.
I am sorry I never heard the Walker (I really want to) but first things first, do change your speakers (B&W) and the maybe your amp and preamp (Krell)...Then you will be able to enjoy to the fullest the benefit from a Walker TT.
NO! i have no intention of changing anything else. i have just come back from another listen, an gave a deposite. it should arive in 6 to 8 weeks. hoping for the earlier. thanks p.kogan
Congratulations, Koegz! Getting a Walker turntable is a major financial commitment, but the rewards are also significant. My wife and I have never regretted making the same decision. I agree with you: don't change another thing now. Get the Walker, enjoy it. It will allow you to make better decisions down the road should you later choose to make any changes.
CONGRATS Koegz! That is a step in the right direction. This could be the last TT you could ever buy.

We want pics when it arrives!

will post pictures and install in nov.-dec. thanks for advice but i basicly made my mine up the first time i saw that is an engineering marvel. but you helped me make the plung, for it is deep water. p.kogan
sold my vpi hrx in 3 days here on audiogon. now i have 6-8 weeks without vinyl, what to do. p.kogan
Ah, it is hard to be without vinyl. Live in anticipation of the wonderful addition coming to your listening room!

Congratulations on the quick sale of your VPI.

BTW, what cartridge have you decided to use with the Walker?
Congratulations on buying the Walker,you will hear your vinyl like you never heard the albums before.The last table you will ever buy.Lloyd and Fred great guys and the best aftersales service in audio.
Welcome to the Walker family. I echo the sentiments posted above by Rushton and Robert. Lloyd, Fred and Felicia are great people who produce and stand behind great products. You will never regret this end of the line move.
concidering the prologue rack in jatoba finish, was buying top shelf only but thought i'd go the whole route. i have billy bags now thought the cherry color would go with the 800d's. but is the rack worth the money? 2 weeks down 4 to 6 to go. any advise would help. thanks p.kogan
Koegz, we made the decision to buy the complete rack along with the top shelf and have not regretted doing so. Our thinking was: "this is what Lloyd used as he developed the turntable and as he continues to improve it; it's an integral part of the overall sound he's getting in his room as he's tuned the table and all of its components." Yes, it's a fair amount of expense, but we didn't want to wonder if we've compromised anything by not doing it. It has completely met our expectations of being able to reproduce in our own listening room all that we were hearing from the table in Lloyd's listening room.
KOEGZ, I have lived with the Walker [Black Diamond arm added] for about two years now and can say it is the most amazing component I have ever experienced! I was a LINNIE for twenty years, so I subscribe to the "source first" philosophy of system building. IMHO the Walker simply gets more of what's on the record off. Yes, Lloyd is a master set-up artist, yes, it is worth getting the Talisman and Lloyds record cleaning kit [both are a big step forward with any TT] but the Walker , in and of itself, will transform your present system in ways it is hard to imagine! I have never been so sensitive to VTA adjustments [with the Walker changes are easy and dramatic] have never heard more deeply into recordings or been more aware of background singers or rhythm instruments.
YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THIS PURCHASE and Lloyd and Fred are available for questions and help, in addition to info. about improvements and updates. [I would also HIGHLY recommend the high definition links and SST][I set the table up myself and later had Lloyd and Fred come down and fine tune it] Keep us all posted.