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Who is the best person anywhere(UK USA Asia) to contact about Koetsu rebuild
Hi,I think I worded my question wrong.I am looking for a representative of Koetsu in UK or USA or Asiato send my cartridge back to Koetsu.I had dealings with Melvin Ang but I don't knowif he is still involved with Koetsu.                          ... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
I just bought a Mercedes 2012 S550 with 8800 miles,what a car. Robert 
Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond V
Hi Lewn,I really cannot discuss cost.It depends on what vintage your table is and a lot of other things,sorry.I will tell it is pretty reasonable for what you get. Robert 
Walker Audio Proscenium Black Diamond V
Hi, I just got my Walker Audio Black Diamond 3 updated Sat. to the Mark V and it was great to see Lloyd and Fred again. The Update is a serious one,through the update from the 2 to 3 this one made a much more profound difference.He does something ... 
Elrod Statement Gold Owners Please
Hi,I started with M.I.T. for years then went to NBS then to Nordost Vahalla then Virtual Dyanmics then Transparent Opus and finally discovered Elrod.Started with Gold Statements and now my system is pretty much all Diamond cabled. Of all the thing... 
Tube Phono Stage vs Solid State What do you think?
Hi,Dhcod hit it right on the head.The SS phono will whip the tube unit in specs and noise but in the real world application most prefer the sound of tubes,noise and all. 
Best Pre with a built-n phono section?
The CAT Legend,hands down the finest all in one pre-amp out there. Robert 
Elrod Statement Silver vs Gold
Hi,I am a Elrod dealer.My policy is on loaning out demos is you can demo any of Elrod cables (Power cords,speaker cables,Interconnects)even the new Diamond series.All I ask is for a 60-70% percent deposit on the cable till it is returned then you ... 
Elrod Statement Silver vs Gold
Hi,It takes about 5 days for the cord to find its stride if it has been shipped or unused for a time. The Gold is a big step up from the Silver,not only in price but also in performance. Robert 
Speakers to Match to CAT pre amp and CAT mono bloc
Avalon..Avalon..Avalon!I have the Cat Legend feeding the Cat jl3 monobocks to a Pair of Avalon Isis,before that it was a pair of Avalon Eidolon Diamonds. Robert 
Review: Elrod Power Systems Gold Statement Power Cord Power cord
Bostonbean,I agree with you a 100%,that is why I took such a interest in Elrod's new cable line especially the Gold.I had bought 7 gold statement power cords and could not believe what they did to the music,now I tried the Gold statement interconn... 
Let's hear about Elrods new Silver or Gold cables
Hi,I tried a Gold Statement Interconnect on my Walker Black Diamond.What power and Dynamics and a midrange to die for,what a cable.Will add as I listen further. Robert 
Elrod Statement Gold PC compared to old Statement
Hi Bostonbean,you haven't heard nothing yet.The Gold statements are just settling in,give them a couple of hundred hours and you will hear things that you didn't think a audio system was cable of.David Elrod has hit a grand slam with his new line ... 
Elrod Statement Gold PC compared to old Statement
Thank You John and Metralla,I really believe in Davids Elrods new Cable line and am making a total commitment to them.I never experienced a cable that makes such a profound difference on audio and video. Robert 
Elrod Statement Gold PC compared to old Statement
I now have put a gold and a silver statement power cord on my Pioneer Plasma and the results on video are as outstanding as they are on audio.After 35 years in Audio and trying pretty much everthing that was touted as being the best,After a discus...