Anyone else tried the Walker Black Diamond

Just had my Walker upgraded to Black Diamond by Lloyd and Fred and could not have anticipated the magnatude of the improvement the new arm has made!!! The Walker was such an amazing step forward I didn't think it could be improved, but the new arm is an order of magnatude improvement!
Musical taste runs the gammot from Mozart to Mingus to Madonna to Megadeth and it is all beautifully presented by this turntable.
Thanks for your report, Perditty. And congratulations on getting your new arm installed. Based on hearing the new arm in Lloyd's system, with which I've been very familar in recent years, this upgrade is one I will make. The Walker Audio turntable is a superb device, but the new Black Diamond tonearm has improved it in ways I'd not thought possible given how good the turntable already was.

The sonic imporvements I hear with the new arm: even deeper, tighter and more articulate bass response (and the original was superb), even more resolving through the mid-range (hard to imagine it could be so), and the top end sounds subtly more extended and open. I notice an overall improvement in clarity, transparency and resolution of leading edge transients, but without any unnatural harshness or etching. To my ear, the original is exceptional among turntables; the new arm just moves the already impossibly good performance of the original up one more notch.
I agree with both of you whole-heartedly! I intend, at some point, to upgrade my turntable with the new Black Diamond arm as well. Having listened to the new arm on Lloyd's personal system, I continue to be impressed at the increased performance through the mid-band and the speed of leading edge information.

Having been the proud owner of the Proscenium Gold for less than a year now, had I not heard it with my own ears, I would have not thought possible such a large improvement in what is already state-of-the-art in vinyl playback performance.
This afternoon I replaced an original arm (early vintage)with the Diamond. As stated in previous posts the changes, or at least the degree of changes came unexpectedly. In addition to the tautness and depth of bass, and the slightly higher extension in the top end, my initial impressions were drawn to the lower noise floor, the solidity in body and texture, and the absolutely incredible sense of layering back to front.

I, like the previous posters am already so impressed with the Walker table that with the Diamond arm I may have to give up searching the A'gon and just spend my time spinning lps.