VPI Classic---replacing stock feet: my experience

Anyone considering using heavy brass footers to replace the stock feet on their VPI Classic may want to think twice. After reading about this being a "major upgrade", I tried it. Well, not only did it not make any sonic improvement (whatever that was supposed to be), but the brass footers had the effect of amplifying the sound of the turntable's motor. A constant and distressing low, pulsating hum was introduced just below the music, and it was particularly obvious during quiet passages. Any anticipated sonic improvement, had it manifested, inevitably would have been rendered useless by this motor hum. My VPI Classic sits on a Mapleshade component rack with 2" maple shelves, with nothing between the footers and the top shelf, so YMMV.
Have a VPI Classic replaced the feet with Bearpaws from Eden Sound and the results were improved midbass and focus. Have only positive things to say about the upgrade. I also have my turntable on a 3 inch mapleblock. Our you sure your feet are tight to the turntable. The Bearpaws were threaded to fit correctly which they do. Keep searching you will find the problem. Good Luck.
Also have replaced the stock footers with the Edensound bearpaws and have noticed an improvement in bass. My VPI classic is sitting on top of my Salamander Synergy rack. Haven't tried using a maple shelve yet but will. Highly recommend the Edensound bearpaws.
The Classic was the only VPI table I have had which didn't benifit from the use of brass cones; it was a considerable improvement on the Scoutmaster, Scout and Aries I tried it on.
I have a Superscoutmaster/rim drive, and the addition of Bearpaws was a MAJOR step up. Increased ease, low bass, clean and clear mids, and sweet highs, increased depth and focus. I've heard the same when used on all VPI tables. Why YOU are getting something less is a puzzlement. If they are indeed Bearpaws, get in touch with (I forgot his name now), and he will fix the problem. I am really sold on Bearpaws...and never heard them do anything but improve the table.
might be the type of bear paws your using? There are a couple of different versions of bear paws. I tried black bear paws and found them to be slightly inferior to the Grisly paws I am using now.I since went the upgrade route using Polar bear paws.Now I am set. Also hear there is a pander bear version but not tried.
Stringreen, you are absolutely right about the Bear Paws. Just replaced the feet on my Super Scoutmaster Reference Rimdrive with them- very impressive. Improved depth, imaging, bass, soundstage. A very worthwhile investment. I also changed the superplatter to the Classic platter. This also made an improvement. Super Platter gives a darker sound. Midbass is improved, as is overall presentation.
I've also replaced my Classic's stock feet with Eden Sound Bearpaws and never looked back. I actually didn't notice that much of an improvement in bass, which was pretty good in my system already, but noticed a significant improvement in high frequencies, resolution and overall detail. I definitely have NOT experienced any hum after I put in the brass footers. My Classic sits on a 3-inch maple butcher's block and Mapleshade Isoblocks. I'd look elsewhere for the cause of the hum.
Replaced the stock cones on my SSC with the Eden Sound terra stone cones which are quite a step up from the bear paws, significant improvement bottom to top end, well worth it!!!
I ordered my edenSound TerraStone footers yesterday. Looking forward to it.
Since we are on the subject, I went from the Classic 1 to the Classic 3. The Classic 3 feet are much more substantial than the Classic 1, does anyone have experience with replacing the stock Classic 3 feet?
Also as an alternative to the original poster, the Classic 3 feet on the Classic 1?
I've got an Aries 1 Extended sitting on StillPoints. Very focused and transparent sound.
Will, I've replaced the feet of my VPI SSM with Rim drive with the TerraCone feet per Steengreen advise (thank you, Steengrean!). Improvement was not SUBTLE! I have springy wood floors with some vibrations making to the turntable. I used Symposium Acoustics' Ultra Platform but it wouldn't eliminate all the issues. Addition of the TerraCones totally decoupled the turntable - no more dog or kids steps in the speakers nor tonarm's wobble. Bass became very tight and deep, sounstage - from wall to wall