Von Schweikert VR-1 speaker:quality sound or hype?

The discussion threads and forum occasionally make special note about the Von Schweikert VR-1 monitor speaker. Reviews I have read of this vintage speaker are very good. The speaker was issued in 1998, yet has built up a cult aura around its performance. I am curious if this admiration is justified or just nostalgic hype, considering the advances made in monitor speakers in the last 10 years which sell for less even new. Monitor speakers were never Von Schweikert's forte. Thanks
Sunnyjim, With your discussions on Von Schweikert VR-1s and you even ran a "want to buy" ad on Audiogon for VR-1s I thought by now you would either bite the bullet or move on to another speaker.
Not hype. Great speaker. Buy it.
They are ok. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I would put them in the same category as Green Mountain Audio speakers.
If you can find them, buy them and try them out. Speakers and amplifiers are synergistic so you can't predict how they will sound for you. I think they are special. They give a great sense of space and music seems to extend way beyond the boundaries both vertically and horizontally, they are not finicky about positioning and the midrange shows strings and voices to be very real. If you don't like them, no problem, they are easy to sell. They are popular and well=liked, making selling them easy. I doubt you would lose any money in the process. And, you just might find your speaker. Good luck.
If you can find them, buy them and try them out.

+1 on that advice. I had a pair years ago and while they are fine speakers, nothing they did made me keep them.
Are you comitted to monitors? I found that their floorstanders are excellent in rooms you might think are too small. I am still shocked how well VR-4s work in my 13x15 room.
I had a pair a number of years ago. They were mediocre compared to others in their price range. I actually preferred my paradigm studio 20 v3's at the time.
"I would put them in the same category as Green Mountain Audio speakers"

That would be serioulsy funny.

I have owned several VS speakers including the VR-2. I know of what I speak. GMA speakers aren't in the same universe as the VR-1 and VR-2. To suggest such a thing is riduculous.

The VR4 Gen III HSE, the DB-99 and the VR4 Sr. would be more closely matched. Bt the only one of them I would even consider over my C-3s is the DB-99.

Think before ye speak.


Not for me... Have you heard Vandersteens?
Shakeydeal..are you serious? You must be the most intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable and golden-eared member of the Audiogon community. "Think before ye speak" Give me a break.
"You must be the most intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable and golden-eared member of the Audiogon community"

I resemble that remark....;-}}

Roscoeiii, Can you buy VR-4s for $300?
Shakeydeal, I currently own both at similar price point. Just different flavors.
Rrog, I am just offering the experience I have. I know neither the OP's budget nor reason for interest in the VR-1 over other models.

One reason someonr might be interested in monitors is a match with room size. I was very surprised that speakers as large as VR-4s worked in a room the size I have. FWIW.
Thank you to all who responded. Let's go to our corners and wait for the next round.

To Rrog, yeah, I know I am getting to be a real pain in the butt with this VR-1 speaker go around. Actually, the last time out, there was a beautiful pair in zebrawood for sale but the seller would not budge on price. There are currently two pair on sale on AG now. Again, I balked at the price of the one seller because they were 8 years old, and the model was issued in 1998. (There is another pair at auction, and gaining momentum in price via bids offered.

However, there may be some validity to a few responders that claim that the VR-1 are mediocre; the few reviews say otherwise, but everything is system related.

I have to take issue with Shakeydeal's response. I had a pair of Green Mountain Europas, and enjoyeed them when I was in my downsizing mode. They were very nice sounding speakers, accurate, but the upper mids were somewhat shelved back...BTW, Roy Johnson of GMA is a hellava nice guy and very informative about speaker design. After, the Europas, I went to the Vandersteen IC-1 which I liked( bought for more bass) but not enough to keep forever. Mr V lectured me on not reading his "arduously" prepared ONE PAGE MANUAL printed on cheap blue paper that explained rake angle set-up

OK. Let me cut to the chase, I wanted a good monitor speaker that had bass down to 42HZ, not the typical 55HZ, but did not want to pay the piper $600-800. These would only be used as an ocassional "alternative" to my main system speakers. I know that sounds nuts, but not really. So after much casual and serious research on the audio net, I bought a pair of Wharfedale 10.1 ($349 retail) beloved by Stereophile. Well, they are not only what the few reviews say but more so; I was stunned at now accurate and neutral these monitors sounded. Presentation, soundstage imaging were good to very good, but not outstanding. Bass was fair. However, they are musical and easy to listen to. What more can you want from a speaker retailing for $349 or less on e-bay. They are solidly made, and look beautiful. They don't play loud.....I think are about 85 or 86db efficency, but take power. As Bob Reina noted in Stereophile, if you drive them too hard, the sound compresses, but there is still music.

I feel like the guy who wanders into the friendly neighborhood bar, has one beer, makes a few comments, then leaves, and an hour later fights break over what he said. Cheers, Jim
Sunnyjim, not to worry. This is an esoteric bunch. I am glad you are happy. Please tell us how you like them after living with them for a while. Time tells all. And, you have so little invested in them that in this hobby, small investments like that are welcome. Enjoy!
To Tgrisham> Thank you; actually, I am selling the Wharfdales, only because my living room has more audio equipment than furniture, and the wife has sounded a DEFCON 2 alert. I have a fondness for audio overachievers, so they may stay or something similar will replace them. My main speakers, the Acoustic Zen Adagios will always be a constant in the system. They are physically large, but excellent speakers. And so, the beat goes on!!!
As stated above, I owned the VR-1s years ago and the speaker that replaced them was the Vandersteen 1C which I consider one of the best budget speakers available (especially used). And the angle is critical. In a small room very little rake angle sounds best.
If you are still looking for something the size of the VR-1, look at Polk Audio's LSi7. That is my favorite under $500 monitor.
"I have to take issue with Shakeydeal's response."

I don't know why you would take issue with it. I have heard both the Europas and the VR-1s and there is no doubt in my mind which is the better speaker. The VR-1 isn't bad, but the GMA is better. Then again, that's just my opinion.

So good luck to you with the Wharfdales.

i'm a little surprised by the contentious division of opinion on this weighty subject--for some reason von schweikert always seems to engender more heated debate than abortion or healthcare. in my unsolicited opinion, the vr-1s are still the go to monitor in the <$1k class--beautifully built, well balanced and essentially full range (deep, tight bass). something like paradigm signature, dynaudio focus or psb synchrony might outclass it in certain aspects, but at a considerably higher price. sunnyjim, with all due respect you might be overthinking this--at the vr-1's used price they're a steal.
Have kept the VR1s in the stable for many years. You have to jump up to the Fritz speakers to get close to the VR1s. The VR1s are still more dynamic.