Vimberg Mino D - first impressions

Over the years I read a lot about the Tidal speakers and I knew that one day I would have to listen to them in my room with my amps and source.

Tidal/Vimberg finally have a dealer in my country, and after an exchange of emails with Jörn Janczak from Tidal Audio, I was advised to test the Vimberg Mino (89 db, 3.8 ohm minimum) with my Aries Cerat Concero SET amps, with 25w.

My current speakers are the Paradigm Persona 9h, and I really like them. However, they are not perfect, sometimes the upper midrange, although crystalline and transparent, is a little dry and thin.The big advantage of the Personas are the ARC software, who gives me a controlled and tight bass, but at the expense of lack of warm and roundness, which sounds a little artificial and clinical.

With the Vimbergs in place, the bass is a little warmer and round, but for me, more natural. The midrange are fuller, natural, but transparent and clear. But the biggest difference is the treble. The diamond tweeter is so much more natural than the beryllium of the Paradigms, no hard at all!!

Compared to the Personas, the image is a little further back, and the stage is deeper and more three-dimensional.

I will continue to listen the Vimbergs and probably I will be my definitive speaker for the next few years.

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Impressive man but  not surprising. Try to have a listen to tidal contriva g2.
Wonderful musical speaker.Not overpriced for the performance they give.
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I remember reading about these in Stereophile last year and remarking how streamlined and svelte they looked. Plus, I'm a sucker for accuton drivers. You ordered yours with the upgraded diamond tweeter? 
I've heard the Mino a couple times at shows, although I'm not sure if they had the D tweeter.  But the sound is just excellent, top to bottom. 
26k for a bookshelf with diamond tweeter is absurd. Marten speakers duo are one third price. Yes money matters. Magico A1 is 8500....amea diamond 3x way. 
@nyaudio98 yes, you've made your position clear. 
26k for a bookshelf with diamond tweeter is absurd. 
Yeah, let’s not even consider how they’re built or how they sound — not meaningful at all.  In fact, let’s not even bother listening to them to make judgement.  Price is king!!!