Vimberg has a bookshelf coming out

The Amea is $14,000.  There Diamond version price is $22,500.
The speaker is in the final production stages and will be available end of November - right on time with the production of newly announced products.  ****supposed to sound fantastic like other vimbergs...but 8500 upgrade for diamond version is steep. 
Indeed. Vimbergs are great...but that price point is absurd. 
The cabinet looks very similar to the Avalon monitor they had back in the 1990s..Pricing is ridiculous
Any insight about "newly announced products" from Vimberg?
It seems that next to speaker cables and phono cartridges, small top grade bookshelf speakers have seen the steepest price hikes in recent years. Brands in this strata seem to be pricing themselves out of existence. Maybe there's a bigger market than I realize. 
That’s ridiculous. Only proves my point.