Vandersteen 2wq with Mccormack dna .5

Fellow audiophiles,
If there are folks out there using A Vandy 2wq sub with Mccormack DNA 0.5 amp then then I would like to know what value of crossover is working for you. I have tried 100k, 75k and 50k fixed crossovers and it all sounds the same to me. I have the crossover box and played around with different settings but haven't quite felt that 'aha' moment. I have had this combination for over a decade and the system has been used in various homes in rooms of different sizes. It has sounded different in different settings but has consistenly left me wanting for more. Am trying to figure out if there's something that is truly wrong or whether I should stop wasting my time and live with the way it sounds. Any feedback is appreciated.
OP  I have a modified DNA-1 connected to two 2wq subs. I have the M5-HP crossover set to 75K as the amp has a 100K input impedance.  I found that to provide excellent integration of the sub with the system.  Have you adjusted the output level and the "Q" control on back of the 2wq?
My main speakers are 2Ce Sigs II. I have Kimber PBJ running between the amp/preamp(Mcintosh C27) and the sub is connected using the standard cable that came along with it (I believe it is Audioquest). Speakers are biwired using Schmitt audio cables. I have been tweaking the Q and the volume control and between the placement and tilt of the 2CE's, I am going through an 'analysis paralysis' syndrome. At this point I have just given up.. Room acoustics could also be a culprit but that's a lot of change to get a rig like this to sound right....
You can also adjust upwards (above 100K). I used the M5-HP with Vandy 3a sigs and Treo's. with a DNA-1-which has 100K ohm. I definitely heard a difference between 150K and 75K, with the bass becoming more pronounced as I proceeded lower.
1 question: how old are the batteries in the crossover? Are they near expiration?
Lastly, I would PM or call John Rutan at audioconnection (that's his Agon ID). He can give you detailed info on how to set up the subs/speakers far better than I can.
Thanks for the tip. Will try to go a level higher and see if there is any difference. I am not using the M5-HP. I have three sets of fixed crossovers (100/75/50) that I bought from Vandersteen/ebay over time. That’s one of the reasons why it also gets cumbersome to keep toggling between the values.

I will call JohnR and pick his brain on this topic. 
OP - Great advice from gdnrbob!  He is right about the lower the crossover setting the more bass from the sub and he is also giving you stellar advice about talking to Johnny Rutan.  As far as I'm aware few people on the planet know as much about Vandersteen's and set up as him ( with the possible exception of Richard V.)
I haven't used the fixed crossovers, but the M5-HP. So, batteries shouldn't make a difference. The DNA.5 is rated at 100K ohms, so you should be  good to go considering you have 100-50. Why you aren't hearing differences is troubling to me. Once again, Johnny R. should be able to sort out the problem. 
If you can't find him, let me know.

I haven't got a chance to connect with Johnny R (time difference between the west coast and NJ is always a challenge) however, I disconnected the 2WQ and am just using the 2CE Sigs II and it sounds much much better. Not sure if it's my room acoustics, the crossovers or the fine tuning but the quest will continue. However, for the moment, I am happy with what I am hearing. Maybe that the bass was too much for the space... Will try the sub with the 1Cs and see what I discover.
Oh, that’s weird.
If that is the case, perhaps you need to go to a higher setting, like 150k ohms. Like I said, (and Johnny), this is something you have to test out yourself to find the right balance.
As you are on the West Coast, why not call Mr. V. directly? He responds, usually the next day.
He helped me with my setup. In fact, when I called and told him the subs weren’t producing any bass, he responded quickly, but was a bit rushed for time, he even called back the next day to help me trace the problem- This, despite my being a buyer of used equipment. (It turns out I had the settings too high).

I can’t say how highly I think of him and his company.
You can also call SMcAudio.
Pat usually answers the phone and can help you. McCormack and Vandersteen were very close for a while, so they have lots of information to provide.

It's been almost 4 weeks since I disconnected the 2Wq and have been listening to just the 2CE Sigs II and I am just amazed at the bass that these speakers have. When I bought them, I already had the subwoofer since I was using it with my 1Cs and I figured I may as well use it with the 2CEs. Well, it appears that I had way too much bass than necessary. I am going to continue listening to this setup for a couple of weeks until I figure out another placement for the 2WQ.
tell us more about the room
download ( for free! ) vandertones and get the analog radio shack spl meter and see what is happening with speaker / room at you listening position.
this is $ 50 project that will get you out of paralysis

there are ( at least ) three awesome Vandersteen experts/ dealers on your coast also
Victor & Bob at Advanced in Tacoma, Randy at Optimal in Santa Monica, and Bruce at Stereo Unlimited in San Diego
all wring a lot out of the 2’s and they all carry the sub ( last i was in ) so should provide great help

If you find the bass overwhelming, I would go to a higher impedance setting. The 2w sub should be a very subtle presence.
I ran them with a pair of 3a sigs and had no issue with the bass being too high. Quite the contrary, it worked seamlessly.