Turntable for a Denon DL-103 cartridge

I was interested in buying a turntable that would work well with a Denon DL-103 cartridge. I was under the understanding that this cartridge needs an arm with some mass. Some used TT that are for sale in my area are, Dual 1246, Pioneer PL-A45D and a Pioneer PL-41D. Would any of these tables work? Your help is appreciated!

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You heard wrong. They will all work.

Try if at all possible to listen to those tables with your cartridge mounted. Not because of matching to the table. The match between the cartridge and phono stage is more important. But listening to those tables with the same cartridge gives you a better idea of the actual differences between the tables. Comparing tables with different cartridges a lot of what you're hearing is the cart not the table. Same goes by the way for the rest. Ideally you would bring the tables home, mount your cart, and then you would truly be comparing the tables and only the tables. 
I'd buy the Pioneer PL-41D. Forget about the Dual 1246 - too mechanically complicated (servicing issues) - you don't need a changer!
I use a 103R in my Pioneer PLX1000. It works well and is an easy recommendation! Plus it is a new direct-drive TT with zero maintenance issues!
Herb Reichert gave it a very favorable review in Stereophile. I agree with him! Maybe the best TT under $1K!
I'd go with the New Pioneer!  The used market is over priced, given the current popularity of Vinyl Playback.   Plus you will get a warranty.
For the DL-103 you need superheavy high mass tonearm, most of them are oldschool like Fidelity-Research FR-64s, great arm, but this arm deserve a much better cartridge, and none of the mentioned turntables have such arm. 

Using a low compliance MC cartridge on lighweight tonearms designed mainly for MM is nonsence (none of MM are low compliance).  

You have to understand how to calculate tonearm/cartridge resonance. 
Read here about it. 

If you will decide on a new turntable, make sure to look for Technics released this year (under $1399 including cartridge and phono stage) and ignore Technics clones made by some other companies like Pioneer before Technics made a come back! 

If, for some reason, you're a fan of Denon 103 then a brand new Thomas Schick "12 inch tonearm has been designed for this cartridge, you can buy turntable without tonearm to install your own arm on it. 

Good luck