new turntable need help with Audible Illusions 3A

My friend was kind enough to give me his Sota Comet turntable. It has an Adcom cartridge. Sound is pretty good, but I think it needs more gain. I think it should sound more exciting/forceful. I am using an Audible Illusions 3A and was wondering if I should have it upgraded to the John Curl phono board.
I think that the Adcoms were high output MCs and should only be used into the standard 47K load of your preamp as currently configured. The high output MCs have higher output than low output MCs but are lower in output than MM cartridges, which is what the stage in your preamp is designed for. In the end, you may have to turn the volume controls up much higher than you do with CD source, but if you like the sound, this is not an issue and is normal.

If you do not like the sound, the suspect is probably the very, very, old Adcom cartridge. I think that I owned one in the early 80s when it was a current model. One would be hesitant to recommend a cartridge as you have not listed your table and arm, but there are very nice MM and MI cartridges out there by Soundsmith, Grado, Audio Technica, Goldring, Jico, Clearaudio, etc. And almost all will have enough output to sufficiently drive the AI. I might ad, at a cost much less than upgrading to the Curl board.