Turntable Advice

Needing a turntable for system I'm putting together. Speakers are my old DQ-10's , picked up Adcom's GFA 565 mono amps and a ARC 16 preamp (has phono stage)

Budget is $500 to $750 range. New or used ok with me.....any ideas?

You may get many varied responses

my reccomendation is
a. Used
b. Japanese direct drive unit

If you buy on ebay etc .... buy one you can collect, many TT's get damaged in transit

If you buy used you get more for your money now. Later if you upgrade you can resell what you purchased for close to what you paid for it.

Keep some money though and buy a new cartriddge
Yes, an idea. I would suggest waiting a little longer to be able to at least double the funds. You might get lucky and get a decent vintage, but it's a big gamble. It also depends on how good a sound you want to achieve.
Go with a moving magnet cartridge because the arc phono stage will be happier with higher output level cart and it will fit your budget better. Cheers,
anything with VPI on it.  Great service, excellent products no matter the price level.
VPI +1 ! You should be able to get a nice HW 19 with an arm within your budget. They are built like a tank and spare parts are always available. Check here and Ebay !
thanks all for the advice.  I will start my search!

Used Technics SL1200mkII in good shape with a new Ortofon headshell and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge is what I recommend. 
ok, I am going to save up a bit more and good for a turntable and cartridge in the $1000 to $1300 range.  Think I should be able to find a good long term piece of equipment to enjoy
thanks for all the input and help
Now that you changed your budget this might be the ticket!
Thorens td160. usually available on ebay
Lower budget
technics 1200 or any denon above a dp45
over a g i am a vpi fan personnally
Scout or traveler or hk 3-4
used is your ticket to success here imo
get the best tt you can ,cart can be upgraded
i am a classic fan myself many choices sota ,rega, pro ject ,thorens

VPI scout Jr. - I've been working with a great VPI dealer if you have interest.  Feel free to message me anytime
While TTs are back in vogue, you still see lots of them kickin around the used market. If you enjoy 'tinkering', pick one of the older high popularity / high availability / highly mod-able ones and go exploring the after market mods. Great fun and often very instructive...and certainly within your price range.  Regas and ancient ARs come to mind. If you want to just buy & and go, see the the other comments above.  Got my 1st Rega for $19 at a Goodwill and its been a real treat evolving it (and dealing with the various one man shops that supply upgrades). And it keeps me out of Goodwill shops since I've already got too many records....😏

Rega RP1 on sale at Audio Advisor 500 dollars. Rega knows music.
Ok, getting down to decisions....Here are my choices...
I can get a new VPI Original Scout Turntable with Blue Point 2 for about $1900 out the door.
ProJect Experience Basic with Blue Point 2 for $950
ProJect RPM 5 Carbon Turntable with Blue Point 2 for about $1400
Rena RP6 with Exact 2 for about $1600
Rena RP3 with Elys cartridge for about $900

I know there is a wide range of prices here but given the different options what do you think??

Scout used scoutmaster
origin  live is in that range . If it were me 💥Just me i would find a used classic for 2k buy a used cartridge 103 mc orto shure mm mc and listen away then upgrade cartridge later .. Jmo
I second the SOTA reccomendation. A step up from REGA (IMHO) and definitely available used in your price range. A Sapphire is much closer to a LP12, if not superior.  They sometimes show up in your price range used.  
Do SOTAs allow for VTA adjustment on the Rega arm? That's always been a deal breaker for me regarding purchasing a Rega as otherwise I do like Rega's design philosophy…VTA…gotta have it...
There is used RP6 with Incognito Rewiring Kit and a Denon 103r
the total is $1300 .  Unsure if spending $1900 is worth the difference
The difference in sound between the scout mentioned above
I check with MUSIC DIRECT in Chicago. They have Demos closeouts etc. Also, I bought two used JVC QL50's; and had them sent to me from online. Those motors (Direct Drive) are still ROCK steady since 1978! Shipping is scary if you pay very much; as noted because you are at the mercy of what the person knows and does with Tables. I now have a VPI and I LOVE it. Got it through Amazon with My Amazon card; had (3) three years to pay it off; No Interest! Lots of Credit Cards have promos too. Demoed the Stock JVC QL5/stock cartridge and arm against VPI Classic/SoundSmith Zephyr. Wow that old JVC was closer to the VPI than I would have ever imagined??? $4,000 versus $150; I was sort of wondering in front of my friends how they could be that close, we all heard the same results the five of us. With VPI you need a new motor/belt anything they got it, fix it yourself easy. JVC 1978...well not so much! That is my foray back into Turntables. In the end I decided No interest loan, get the table to last a lifetime, I use it everyday! VPI made the most sense to me because of resale value, upgrades, new and used parts available on the sites. Do not want to get into Chevy is better than Ford is better than Dodge sort of car fight! They are all good or they would not stay in business. The good tables hold their value now. I would use "No Interest" to get a better table/cartridge package. Audio Research gear leads me to believe you are shooting to low to be happy? I also have ARC stuff. I have gone after a " No weak link" approach; so I do not criticize my weak link and my part in putting that weak in there? It makes music more fun, satisfying and enjoyable; how it is supposed to be.   B
Or, you could get a new Pioneer PLX 1000 reviewed recently in Stereophile by Herb Reichert, for about $695. It is basically identical to the old Technics 1200. Reichert thought some aspects better than certain VPI. Check it out. You might be happy. Best, Rob
Denon DP 52
Micro Seiki DD-35
Pioneer PL-L1000 or Phase Linear 8000 same decks with superior advantages of linear tracking. The linear tracking arm is easily adjustable serviceable and maintainable. Superior built quality Manuals, schematics in details available at vinyl engine for free.  
Technics 1100A -- 1200 killer.

thanks all for ideas, taking my time with this purchase.  
I would avoid direct drive because of feedback, both acoustic and mechanical  (footfall etc.). A belt drive suspended  table with a moving magnet cartridge would be the most cost effective. Any of the AR tables are great bang for the buck. If you can find a Sota or VIP at a reasonable price thAt would be the way to go. Cartridges? I like Grado, even the inexpensive ones sound excellent. More money = more refinement, openness, transparency, detail. If you want a more forward sound  ( rock, pop, jazz) I really like the Ortofon VMS cartridges. The VMS20 or 30 will require a lower arm mass than the old AR XA or XB but the  VMS3 or VMS5 or the FF15XE is a great buy and replacement styli are cheap and easy to find. Happy hunting!
Thanks all, I found a AR turntable with a nice Lynn arm locally.  Put a grado silver cart on it.  This will get me up and rolling for now and can look for a long term tt as they come up in my price range. 
Sounds like you found a great deal. I was about to caution you on the Bluepoint, it has low output (2.5mV) for many MM phonostages. Not that it would have been too low, just that preamp volume would have to be adjusted much higher than for other inputs.
Thanks, I am going to put new cables on it.  Other than that just want to enjoy the new system when all set up.