tube amp for ProAc Response.. need suggestions

hi guys, i will try to keep it short & simple

my setup consists of a peachtree decco dac/pre and a mcintosh mc7100 amp in a ~11x15 room.. and just picked up a set of proac response 1.5

i used to have b&w 805's which is why i bought mcintosh, but i've read tubes work better with proac and i want to give it a shot

i do not want an integrated because my peachtree is staying as the dac/pre... i've read conrad johnson and audio research work very well with proacs

unfortunately my budget is capped around $1000, but i'm happy to buy used off the audiogon market

any suggestions/advice would be appreciated, thanks!
Cary is a classic match for ProAc.
prima luna with kt88 tubes.
somebody's listing a vincent hybrid sp-331 on agon in your range. great sounding amp.
Audio Research and ProAc have been a long-time recommendation, not sure if you can get there with $1000 - maybe some older versions.
Look at Rogue audio 88 (better if magnum)or 90 (may be over budget). I had Rogue with proac 1.5 and it was very nice.
I will recommend the VTL ST85, plenty of EL34 pentode power for some snap and drive on the Proacs. They are priced used exactly in your budget.
I'm using a Cary SLA-70 (35w/ch) with ProAc 2S's. Sounds bea-U-tee-full! Very tuneful and 'punchy' sounding. These speakers are very kind to tube amps, and visa-versa.

I heard both ProAc 1SC's and 2S's with an Audio Research VT60 (50w/ch) amp years ago at the local dealer, and in many ways it was the best combination I had heard in that store over the years.

You see both of these amps pop up on Audiogon in your price range. Good luck, and let us know what you decide on and how it works out!
Second the proac with Cary, I heard a set up with 1sc's and it was very good.. also heard Proac 2's with a Jadis which was VERY nice... about 13 yrs ago...
Audio Research and ProAc is a match made in heaven. There is currently on Audiogon a Classic 60 for $1250, a D-125 for $1200, and a VT60 for 1050. The Classic 60 is your best choice here. I would not recommend the CJ.
Second the PrimaLuna suggestion, I have heard this combination more than once, and it works very nicely. You could probably find a used one within your budget.
i've a pair of proac response D1 speakers with prima luna prologue two running on SED C wing, rca clear top and sylvania 5751. It's a magical experience.
Doesn't that model Rogue have that noisy fan? I couldn't take that noise very long. Kept mine for a few months. Went with the M120 instead
Audio Research tube gear sounds great with Proac.
Once I heard that Stewart Tyler himself uses Audio Research gear at his home. Don't know wheter this is true or not, but I have seen a lot of AR+ProAc combos in the audio shows.
I agree with the Audio Research choice. I recently heard a Proac Response D2 with Audio Research separates in an audio store demo room. That setup was fantastic! Especially very realistic bass notes, perfect timbre and soundstaging.
Actually, Audio Research works pretty well with just about anything. And that's the way it should be with a well designed product.
Manley equipment sounds great with ProAc as well. I used a Stingray integrated for years with my Response 1SCs and the mating was wonderful. You'll also spend less than Audio Research. A used Stingray will run you just over $1,000 (sold mine recently for $1,100). You might find some Mahi monoblocks for about that, but they don't come up for sale often.
Shazam, What wire did you use with the Stingray and ProAcs?
I use Nordost Blue Heaven - one of the silver based flat lines. The cables I have do bi-wiring, but I have no evidence that that improves things over the binding posts on the speakers. Nice and neutral - your going to hear your components more than your wiring.

I just did a search on the 'gon and there are a several sets around $300 - including a bi-wiring set.
Audio research has always been a great match with the Proac speakers.