Totem Arro vs Silverline Prelude vs Salk Songtower

I'm setting up a bedroom system and need some advice. Budget $1-$2k. Amp will be a Peachtree Nova. Speakers will need to go close to the back wall. I've listened to the Arros and really liked their imaging & 3D sound. What else should I consider???
It is strange that you haven’t gotten any replies yet. I haven’t heard the Arro or the Prelude. The SongTower has one of the best 3D images that I have heard from conventional speakers. They have transmission line bass which works well close to the wall too. I tried the SongTowers close to the wall and they lost much of their great 3D image. I guess that would happen with the Arros too.

Thanks for the reply! Do you think a Peachtree Nova would be enough power for the Songtowers?
There shouldn't be any problem with the Nova. I used a 100 watt digital amp in my 600 square foot room and it went louder than I would want. My 30 watt Fisher tube amp also powered it fine too.

I heard the Preludes at RMAF this year and I was impressed with their imaging, neutrality and frequency range. Only tested them with vintage Bowie tho. Not sure how they'd do with true full range music. Have not heard the Salk or Arros.
I'm not too concerned about them being true full range since it'll be a bedroom system. How holographic were the Prelude's?
I bought some used Preludes a year or so ago...they are amazing with a small REL sub, good cables, etc...nothing quite like 'em really.
I think you're looking to cram a square peg into a round hole here. I've heard the Preludes and they do a nice job of creating a 3D image. In fact, you could probably save some coin for a bedroom system and get the Minuets because they do a great job of that as well (maybe even better). I've heard the Arros too and they also do that great disappearing act and throw up that big 3D stage, and although I haven't heard'em I'd bet the Salks do it too.

Here's the problem, I bet none of them create that magic 3D holographic imaging when shoved up against the back wall -- it'll just crush all those subtle nuances and reverb trails that convey that crucial information. Best of luck in your search, but if I were you I'd just go to my main system if I want that kind of soundstaging, or I'd pull my bedroom speakers out into the room for those times when I'm listening seriously. That said, I think you've got three good candidates here and would also add used Joseph Audio monitors to your list.
Good point, my main speakers need to be pretty far into the room or they loose all their 3D imaging. My bedroom speakers won't be up against the back wall, but there's not too much space to pull them into the room. I thought about the Minuets, but you add some nice stands & you're at the same price as the Preludes
Preludes are around $1500 now so the field has widened a bit. I think the small baffle profile is a big part of what makes 'em work. Also, I've heard some new Epos stuff in that price range that is sweet sounding.
I also auditioned the Minuets at RMAF, in the same room with the same music, and I did not like them at all, IMHO they could not compare to the Preludes, but YMMV...
I've been accused of "overselling" the Preludes as better than they are, but having upgraded some things around them lately (power supplies for my DAC and phono preamp, digital cable, speaker wires, vibrapods and butcher block stands that raise 'em a few inches, dusting, obscure pagan ceremonies), I can say with certainty that they ARE better than they are.
I love my Preludes.

I had them in a ~10 X 20' room, along the long wall, less than foot from the wall.

I recently moved and they are now in a VERY big room, cathedral ceilings. And they hold up fairly well; the extra room for them to breath, able to pull further from the wall, etc, really 'breathed' some extra life into them.

They are now more sensitive to quality of recording it seems.

Most would say they arent up to the task of a room that big, but I am going to try a sub with them before I try a larger speaker, there is just something about the sound of these I am loathe to give up.

Depending on the recording, I sometimes find them a bit strident on the top, but am going to try also roll the tube in my Peachtree Nova, and am upping the amplification a bit with Red Dragon M200 monoblocks.
Not to be a naysayer because I do like the Arros; HOWEVER.... did you actually audition the Totem Arros with the Peachtree Nova amp, or did you hear them hooked up to other kit?

Why do I ask?

There is a plethora of posts on Audiogon about Totem speakers: they can be wonderful with one key point to consider: Totems love lotsa high current and lotsa watts to make them perform to their capabilities.

In support of the same from direct personal experience, I've had the Arros and also the Forests both at the same time before I sold them both in the last year+: I drove the Arros with a 100 watts X 2 hi-current integrated amp: I drove the Forests with a like bi-amped system (100 watts X 2 X 2) to get them to perform to their capabilities. Totem usually uses Sim Audio, Plinius and like hi-current/high-watt amps to showcase their kit at the expos.

If you have not actually audtioned the ARROS with your selected Peachtree amp, I would caution you to first test-drive them with that particular amp, to eliminate any potential disappointment.

Good luck.
I just purchased a pair of used Totem Sttafs in Maple. All I can say is WOW! These speakers, for the price I paid, are simply incredible. I didn't expect much bass response given the 5.5" woofer size but they far outshine my initial expectations. The woofers put out more sound than the 10" woofers in my 1980 vintage Advent Loudspeakers. Incredible value for the money. If you can buy a pair for around $850-1,000, do it. These speakers retail for $2,100 new. Very low profile, full range, tower speakers with bi-amp capability. I am completely satisfied with the engineering, sound quality, and appearance. Check out if you can't find them stateside.
Sandman...I'm using the Preludes with a REL Q150e sub and it's a very nice match, along with a recently added tube power amp. Although I've never felt the treble of the Preludes to be strident (with my pile of gear anyway), the tube amp (new version of a factory upgraded Jolida 502P) does sweeten the highs somewhat. I almost got rid of the Preludes (out of boredom really...and a lame desire for a fancy wood veneer) for a beautiful pair of Thiel 1.6s, but I thought the Preludes sounded SO much better all around that damn, I'm keeping 'em!
Not related to my previous post, but since Totem's came up again, they would are on my short list of speakers I would consider upgrading to. Years ago I had the Arro's, but they didn't match well with the integrated I had at the time.

Wescoman, I too have thought about upgrading, but I think I'd have to spend over $2k to get something better all around.

I think I will always hang onto these, move them to a second system if anything.

REL's seem the way to go without doing a lot of listening/reading up.
Meant to address that to Wolf_Garcia, not Wescoman
Alon Boxers (go ahead and get good stands); a real value leader at $1500/pair up against either form factor. 90 dB sensitivity too, so the Peachtree should power them no sweat.

If you have a Monitor Audio dealer nearby, I'd also audition their Silver RX-6 compact floorstander (also 90dB sensitivity). The reviewers single out their musical tonal balance combined with more low level resolution than we're used to hearing at this price point. They're sized right for bedrooms too, with a height slightly under 34" and a footprint slightly smaller than 8"x10". Fortunately, they come with wider stance platforms, which are nice to have if you've ever accidentally knocked narrow footprint towers over (as several family members have done with my Mirage OMD-15s).

Icing on the cake is a nice selection of finishes to fit taste and decor--black or natural oak, walnut, rosenut, gloss black or gloss white.
I think the Alon Boxers are the only speaker named after a type of underwear.

Sandman...I read your entire reply before I realized you were responding to me, so you get this story: I discovered the Preludes when a friend bought a pair (and a REL sub), I liked them and needed to replace some beautiful Vienna Bachs that had muddy midrange issues, and found a used pair (of Preludes) for $400 (weirdly, they had an unconnected woofer, which the dudes who sold 'em to me gladly paid $60 for me to get repaired...then they were fine). My friend was pissed at my good fortune. To make him more pissed, I bought my REL used for $200...needed a grill cloth (!) but otherwise perfect. The end.
Nothing like a good deal. Just saw Preludes on A-gon for $600; they went quickly, no suprise.

Eyeing up a REL T-1 on ebay ...
Another initial non-working woofer prompted me to call Silverline and talk to Alan Yun...THAT was cool and he told me, among other things, to not bi-wire them, don't lose the jumpers, and he'd sell me another woofer no problemo...weirdly it seemed the offending woofer had no sign of EVER being hooked up (properly anyway), and man...these speakers do NOT like using one woofer.
BEing close to the rear wall is almost always not ideal for imaging and 3-D sound, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. My second system cannot not be set up ideally but still sounds great. I suspect this would be the case with any of those three. I have heard the Arros and like them a lot (especially away from walls). I have heard Salks but not enough to form an opinion. Have not heard the SIlverlines, but I suspect you cannot go wrong there from what I have read.