Infinity Prelude MTS


I have Infintiy Prelude MTS system hooked up with Krell KSA-100S Power, Pass Aleph Pre and Musical Fidelity A3.24 DAC with Denon DVD2800. I listen all kinds of music(Classical, Rock, Dance, Pop, Korean Pop Music...) I am currently quite satisfied with my system. However, sometime, I wish to get deeper and more 3-diminsonal sound stage. I want I am able to tell exactly where each musician is on the stage. I have a plan to upgrade my amps or DAC someday. but, I'd like to know that the Infinity Prelude has enough potential to make my investment worth.
I have seen the Prelude matches with new KRELL Power Amps a lot. Does It match with KRELL the best? What is the best Pre/Power amp for the Prelude? Can cable upgrade dramatically improve sound stages? (I have low-level Kimber, Audioquest cables)

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Experimenting with speaker/listener positioning usually will have a greater effect on soundstage/imaging than changing components. The use of simple and relatively inexpensive acoustic treatment devices can also produce major results in this area.
What 61 said makes a lot of sense. However, being able to tell where each and every musician is on the soundstage is more a function of the recording than anything else. Moreover, at least to my ears, an orchestra or other large group when ensemble playing puts out a sound front that is more homogenized than what most audiophiles believe. Small groups, chamber orchestras, well recorded, can provide that pinpoint accuracy you crave. What I have noticed also is that small monitors are better at this. My suspicion is that the lack of lower bass focuses the ear on the higher parts of the sound spectrum and helps in getting the pinpoint image thing, even if it may be quite unnatural for the music performed. Maybe the lower bass keeps the listener from focusing on the image thing, but you have to see it as a tradeoff. If the musical score asks for real deep bass, you should get real deep bass. The MTS Preludes are very fine speakers that simply did not take off with the subjective audio community. The name "Infinity" could be a reason, the opinions of Dr. Toole on testing could be another. To my ears (and those of A. Cordesman and others) they are very fine transducers. I think you could upgrade other parts of your system without fear that the MTS would be the limiting factor. Maybe one of the smaller ARC tube amps could be used since the speakers present an easy load and the bass is handled in great part by the built-in sub amp. Hope you figure out the set-up problem and go one to spending your hard-earned cash on where it makes the most sense: recordings. Regards.
I have the same speakers w ARC cdt-1/dac3/ls16/vt100 electronics & pleased with the results. once you've seen the wire inside the speaker & x-over design I doubt you'll be picky with speaker cables. I agree on fiddling with placement & treatments. I'm also skeptical that a lot of "multi-mike'd" recordings have much 3-d depth & soundstaging that the hi-fi magazines have "sold" us on... My spkrs are in a 16 x 20 room along the "long" wall, 3 & 1/2 ft. from rear wall & 5 foot away from corners. Spkrs are on stands & subs are placed seperately .
Stereophile has some old test Cd's that you can still buy, on one of these is a recording (not music) of someone at different locations with-in the soundstage. This can be helpful in speaker setup and evaluation of your present systems soundstage as it stands now..and any changes you may make in speaker placement. You will know when you get it right because the sounds will come from the correct positions with-in the soundstage as they are announced in the CD. Some recordings simply do not have a soundstage and nothing you do will give them one.

I have these speakers, and I also had the Krell KSA 150, I now have the Krell FPB 600, what a big difference, much more musical with larger soundstage, FPB 300 also great. Front end also very important. I go with Pbb Note: spend your money on where it make sense.

Good luck

I also tried some good pre-amps, WOW I couldn't believe what a difference it made,( Soundstage) I think it is often overlooked.
I have owned/sold these speakers in the past. Overall, I like what the speaker offers/can do! They are plenty clear, detailed(in the league of B&W nautilus, NHT 3.3 tweeter detail, and similar), fast, dynamic enough(inpart due to powered sub and multi upper bass/mid drivers), fairly coherent, exteneded, and uncolored well as musical! They have kind of a Theil-like palate, which is clear. But then, you know that I presume.
The deal with the soundstage with those speakers, is that it's a bit "upfront" in the soundstage compared to others! I've noticed this with many associated gear choices with them. I've owned Thiels, Merlin's, Sonus Faber Electa Amator's, etc, as well as the MTS's, and I'm sure of my findings. The soundstage is simply not as 3 dimmensional sounding as some. But nothing's perfect. also, yes, you can experiment around with more "laid back" gear, like tube amps and pre's and such. This might greatly help.
for me however, this speaker makes a superb overall listener, for both all music and movie needs! Infact, as high end sounding speaker/transducer, not many does better for HT dubties at such a level! Infact, most high end "great imaging" speakers aren't as involving and dynamic as this speaker for HT!!!!...or rock, heavy dynamic music chioces, etc!!! Overall, I liked this speaker a great deal. And, it's classy my eye anyway.
Yes, cabling could help, regardless of what they're wired with!..that's been my finding. I don't know which SPECIFIC one's you're dealing with, as each is different. You might tinker there as well. Good luck
A late answer, but try out the Pass Labs X350 it's have a incredible soundspectrum and so much power you need.
A own 2 of the X350's to drive my Infinity IRS Sigma, and it sound like a billion buck, it has everything, deep bas, enormus " reality ".
Nelson Pass secund best amplifier ever, the best is big brother the X 600.