Any Morel USA Prelude owners out there?

Interested in some feedback from Prelude owners and how they sound,
build quality, amplification, etc. Considering a pair for myself, their specs
look good and they have a couple of good reviews already, just looking for
more input. Thanks for your responses.
Fantastic speakers. i have owned a pair for over a year now and im never going back. very ballanced very detailed, yet very open and big sounding. they are small (in size) compared to other speakers that play in thir range, and also much much cheaper (in price) i think the transmission line design is a huge advantage in this speaker because even though there is only a 6 inch woofer. the bass reproduction is HUGE.

the only thing is im not a big fan of the spikes they use, but u can get different ones from any speaker distributor.


When did you aquire your speakers and in what finish?
How did you find the build quality of them?
What type of amplifier are you using?
I am thinking on the cherry finish and using a Prologue two with them.
Should pair well. Thanks-Steve
that should be fine. i have a pair in black. they look very elegant. they are built strong. thick MDF and real wood. i have a NAD s300 intergrated amp. but im upgrading to a krell. trust me, these are really fantastic speakers!
I have a set and they are so smooth and pleasant that I can listen to them all day with no ear fatigue at all. the speakers seem to disappear and you just get great music, with all staging and imaging perfectly in place. 5.1 sound is immersing and very accurate, with no ultra bright ( harsh) ringing in high sounds.
You need to try the Phantom sub my Renaissance Audio Group (formerly Morel USA) is very fast for a 12 inch sub with 15 inch passive radiator, that sounds great for music and will feel like it's going through your body in very low and loud sounds in movies.
That is my experience as well with the Preludes: non fatiquing and very musical. Although I have not heard a great deal of "audiophile grade" speakers I can say I like these better then my quad 21L's and GR Research AV-1's which are no slouches. Although this is a very balanced speaker from top to bottom I feel the midrange really stands out and they match up great with my Tad 1000's and Tad 150 preamp. I was lucky enough to find a pair used in my area a couple of months ago, and although they are approx 10 years old and the fit and finish could be a little better (Reanaissance has vastly improved them in this area)I'm more then happy with these and think I would have to spend signifigantly more $ to approach the quaility of sound I'm getting from the Preludes. I do wonder what kind of improvemements have been made to these, if any over the last several years or so and may contact Renaissance to find out
I have a pair of Preludes and they are wonderful, very musical speakers. I am currently using them with a TAD-60 amp and TAD-150 Signature preamp, but I have tried the Preludes with other equipment and found them equally impressive. They are very efficient, 91.5db/8ohms, I believe, and therefore tube-friendly. Lovely midrange, surprisingly low and tight bass for such a small speaker. Highly recommended, and Mikhael Shabani,the owner of Renaissance/Morel USA, is a great guy.