The most romantic jazz ballads, nocturn or blues

What's your most romantic, smoky, charming, sensual pieces of jazz ballad, jazz nocturn or jazzy blues? Help others to discover your favourite music for late night listening with your special one.
Mine is: Ike Quebec - There is no greater love; besides much of Quebec, Scott Hamilton, Ben Webster or Coleman Hawkins would qualify as follow ups...
Houston Person recordings on High Note label are prime romantic sax.
Andre Previns recordings on Telarc are also fine dinner jazz as well featuring his piano.
Shirley Horn's Verve recordings are great low key piano trio. Her voice and piano playing are a great fit. Start with a live recording "I thought about you".
Charlie Hadens "Night and the City" w/Kenny Baron, "Beyond the Missouri Sky" and "Land of the Sun" a set of Mexican ballads, all on Verve, are IMHO outstanding!

If you haven't already tried them, go for it.

BTW I also enjoy your other choices.......
Etta James - Burning down the house. Just not the DVD. Much better heard than seen. Sorry.

Blues are more about being left, leaving or begging not to to leave.
I'll second Newbee on "Houston Person"....the most romantic sax I've heard.

He has a lot of albums to pick from, you will enjoy!

Try Blade Runner Soundtrack by Vangelis - some good romantic stuff there.
I still love Van Morrison's "Moondance" at least as far as semi-pop goes.
Dexter Gordon BALLADS on Blue Note will get the blood flowing.
Miles Davis w. JOhn Coltrane: "Some Day My Prince Will Come" (MFSL CD).

Chet Baker in Tokyo - #5 My Funny Valentine

Ben Webster & Associates - #4 Time after Time

Billie Holiday Lady in Satin - #1 I'm a Fool to Want You

Branford Marsalis Trio Jeepy - #2 The Nearness of You

Harry Connick Jr. We are in Love - #6 A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

Lightnin' Hopkins Lightinin' - #6 Thinkin''bout an old Friend

Snooks Eaglin New Orleans Street Singer - #16 Come Back Baby

Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane - #6 Functional (solo)

Louis Armstrong meets Oscar Peterson - #5 How Long Has This Been Going ON
Sketches of Spain. Miles Davis and Gil Evans.
• "Ming" - World Saxophone Quartet from the "Revue" album - sublimely beautiful ballad. Written by David Murray in honor of his beautiful wife.
• "Naima" - John Coltrane Quartet from "Giant Steps" - Another sublimely gorgeous love ballad, in this case written by John Coltrane for his wife.
• "Idle Moments" - Grant Green from "Idle Moments" - Can't think of another jazz guitar ballad I find more affecting.
• "Autumn Leaves" - from "Somethin' Else" by the Cannonball Adderley Quartet with Miles Davis. Miles' muted trumpet solo in this tune is a masters class in how to play pretty.
• "Afro Blue" - from Oscar Brown Junior's "Sin and Soul" - Ballad singer par excellence.
Thank you to All whi responded - following your tips one by one and discovered many unknown to me gems!
John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman,The CD. All 6 songs,
take your pick.
John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman; "My One And Only Love".
Clifford Brown; "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To".
Art Pepper! Many good suggestions here, but AP on a ballad is devine, especially his late career stuff. Try Straight Life, Patricia, Our Song or Nature Boy.
Olga Stochleposky's "Sorrow"