John Coltrane Ballads

What CD has the best sound?

I see there is a remaster available but I know they can be inferior has anyone compared the original and remaster?

any info appreciated


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I have a 20 bit remaster that was done in 1995 that sounds very good. It is about the same sound quality as the Deluxe Edition of A Love Supreme.
Jazz vocalist Karrin Allyson has recorded a very nice version of the Ballads album covering all the songs on Coltrane's Ballads plus three more of his tunes that fit that description. It's on the Concord label. Sound is better than Coltrane's Ballads and I think she does a good job of singing the tunes. Her vocals are pretty straightforward and accessible. Most jazz fans would like the album, I think.
hi Philjolet
for me the best sound quality was offered by mobile fidelity gold cd.
i tried some others before buying this one, and never looked back. my strong recomendation
hope this helped/ alex

I have the Mofi gold CD which is very good but the new Japanese SHM CD version is the best I've heard.
thanks all!

I looked up the MOFI and they were about $70! will look into SHM CD.

thanks again

I ended up buying an Impulse (20 bit super GR-156) CD on Amazon used for about $8 and it sounds great.

I really like Coltrane when it clicks for me Ole is another favorite.

Thanks to all, in the end I am a cheapskate...
The music is the most important thing, the rest is gravy.
The 200g vinyl reissue is worth hearing too.