The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

I just picked up a reissue on vinyl. Very well done! This has always been one of my favorites. The copy I had never sounded this good, nor did the cd. If your a fan it's worth the $34.
Any information regarding label, pressing plant or year would be helpful. Thanks.
"Each thought and gesture are caught in celluloid
There's no hiding in memory
There's no room to avoid " 

Nice find, always one of my favorites as well. Enjoy!
On the back cover it says Virgin with number 4790211 under that. the numbers on the bar code are 02547 90211. Hope that helps. 
It is this copy

The ones to seek out are

Original UK (cheap but good luck finding a good quality copy)

Or the Classic (which is actually quite affordable by the standards of this series)

I enjoy seeing revival of R&R "whats best in pressing" subject threads.

Having not heard the R.I., I will just say my subjective opinion is the trick is finding a "stamper" quality ORIGINAL press. Unfortunately, this is getting tougher$$ to do.

If its pre 1980 R&R, I go for a non bar coded press of anything.

Personally, I’m always disappointed in these reissues. To my ears, always punched up bass. When it’s a matter of a title deemed unobtanium, I concede, and buy new.

If you agree with "Hot Stamper" guy, he even believes a regular domestic press is the one to own. Not in agreement with some of his opinion on the stamper thing. I don’t think even the master is perfecto, as this stuff is "busy" proggy R&R. Yes,King Crimson,ELP...etc. suffer from not having nicer masters.

Playing imperfection on the best one can afford is where it gets dicey.

My personal copy is reasonably clean period press. Very good,dynamic sounding copy. Title track "Lamb" sounds glorious when the volume is at 2:00 o’clock at the tubes are cookin.

Being the snobby purist, I would NEVER play an album of this caliber via C/D or file!

Sacrocanct to NOT play the record of a good title.

Digital heretic and Genesis fan that I am (and at the risk of offending tablejockey’s analog sensibilities)...

’IT’ :-) is a great recording; music as gripping now as when first released over 40 years ago.

" is inside Spirit, with enough grit to survive...."

Thanks for the information guys
I have a Japanese import that sounds terrible,highs are elevated.
In your opinion is the re master better than The original ATCO pressing? That's my go to copy.

Information appreciated here as well!
The older copy that I have is from "Charisma". I'm not sure if that is affiliated with ATCO or not but the reissue is IMHO much better than that. 
Obviously, Charisma is the original record label. I have some artists on that same label where if it’s more of a pink shade as opposed to a more blue shade is the difference between an original or a repress. This is a (Tell for a collector). An initial identifying character on Charisma.

((According to Wikipedia, the original was on Charisma in the UK. (It would seem correct to presume that an English band’s original pressing would be from their country of origin).))

For whatever reason, on my original Peter Gabriel lps, the sound isn’t that great. So, as to boxer12’s/Qdrone’s points, maybe an Atco could sound better? I find the original Charisma PG’s are bright or as Qdrone stated "elavated".
Thank you, ghosthouse, from a fellow Genesis fan and digital heretic.

You are welcome.  There's some discussion about "best" Lamb releases on Steve Hoffman forums.  Just a word of caution, "hideous" was applied by at least one poster to the 2008 release; other uncomplimentary comments there as well.  I don't hear it that way when playing back a ripped version.  Reviews on Amazon about the 2008 version are considerably more favorable.  It is certainly not the most "euphonic" recording in my collection - never was (and I do have an old gatefold vinyl copy).  If you buy on Amazon and hate it, you can return it of course.  Price is not crazy high, either.
No longer play vinyl here but thanks anyway for the memory. I haven’t thought about this concert in years but remember seeing the tour on Feb. 2, 1975 in GR, MI. Biggest spectacle I had seen since Yes’ fire-breathing dragon. Three video screens (unheard of back then), costumes, and a big rotating cylinder thing that came down from the ceiling over Gabriel. The music was outstanding.
One of the two links below from the GR show has the video but sound was redubbed and the other link has the whole audio without the video. These days, there would be thousands of copies on personal iPhones.
The lamb lies down on Broadway.....

....and gets run over immediately by a series of cabs, heading Uptown...
Absolutely one of my all-time favorite songs, but the recording itself is pretty muffled, sounding like there were socks on every mic in the studio whether on lp, cd, or streamed. But that doesn't matter a whit - just turn it up to 11 and dig it like a shovel - particularly Phil Collins drumming. Wowzers. 

The original U.S. Atco LP release was an awful recording. I purchased a Japanese CD that was much better. 
I have the ATCO SD-2-401 release and agree that it's well done.

Not to divert this discussion but is everyone familiar with the live recording in LA of Lamb on the 'Genesis Live 1967-75' 4 CD box set (Atlantic 82858-2).   It's an amazing live recording that I've got to believe was somehow enhanced after the actual concert as live recordings back then never sounded this good.

CDs 1 & 2 are Lamb and CDs 3 & 4 contain live BBC tracks mainly from Foxtrot & Selling England by the Pound. Recording quality of CDs 3 & 4 are not as good, but the live Lamb recording more than makes up for it.  

A few specifics please on why the usa atco fails to please. My copy was purchased about 1980. I think I remember a Stereophile reviewer that likes to test bass with Fly on a Windshield.