Joe's Garage V.S. Broadway

I think that Zappa's Joe's Garage "punk-opera" can finalize(maby too offencive but true) all the Broadway cast crap still even today what do ya think?
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best damn concept record ever. sgt pepper can kiss joe's ass.
Long live Joe's Garage! We still love you Frank RIP.


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One of Zappa's best works...and there are many. I wish I would have seen him live with that line-up.
joe's garage is excellent and for more listening pleasure get your hands on the vinyl "guitar" dbl lp set, enjoy...
Remember,Zappa had a Broadway album out too.Swaggart under investigation,One day everyone of these C***suckers will be caught,Jesus thinks your a jerk,and Mr Sting ladies and Gentleman,spring pleasantly to mind.
Yep, Broadway the hard way, Broadway the hard way, ladies and gentlemen. Still I prefer Joe's Garage (Hey! I've the lp's, but there are 3 lps Drwoofy????) over Broadway the hard way. But then again, I like almost everything except Jazz from hell....
I happen to posess Joe's boxed set of vinyls with texts and casts too.
In fact FZ even made fun of his own musicians on the stage as well!
I wish he was still here with us.
Ironically enough, Zappa was awarded a grammy(deliberate lower case)for one song off Jazz from Hell,even though as he himself said it wasn't the best cut-for me it was G-spot tornado(a notoriously difficult piece to play).The album was recorded exclusively using a Synclavier.I love jazz,but Frank called it unemployment music.