The Cable Company - Wow

As someone who's been buying cable in the dark for years, I'm positively blown away with the Cable Company.

I purchased some Cardas Hexlink speaker cables through "" (part of Cable Co.). If I bought them used from a private party, I'd be stuck - since they're definitely forgeries.

But since I bought through these guys, they sent me a whole box of cables (another pair of Cardas, Purist Audio, Goertz, Transparent Audio, Oval 9's). Paying only for the freight I was able to demo thousands of dollars worth of already burnt in cables to know what was right for me.

And yes, the new Hexlinks were night and day better than the suspected forgeries. But maybe just as importantly, the expertise you get from them is amazing. Tell them about your system, and what you're looking to achieve, and these guys really narrow down all the options to more of what you want and can afford.

All the cables sent to me were different, but on the money in terms of what I was looking for, and I could live with any of them.

I'm so impressed and amazed with them I've got to say auditioning or buying new or used cable through anyone else would be doing myself a disservice. There's absolutely no reason to buy cable by shooting in the dark anymore (as I've been doing for years).

Use these guys and take the risk out of the process.
Although I haven't used their expertise on selecting cables, I have done business with them, and they were very friendly, helpful, and shipped my cables right away.

They also pull the cable(s) you are interested in purchasing and physically inspect them while you're on the phone so they can describe any flaws due to previous ownership.

I agree with Larry - buy your cables from The Cable Company!
I think I would have second thoughts about buying from a company that sent out cables that were could they slip by...I would think they would test them first to make sure they are in working order...and surely see they are fake...just my opinion
Cable Company RULES !!
Took most of the guesswork out of my system synergy.
I've dealt with them since they first opened in the early 90's, great bunch of folks !!
FWIW: I have Cardas Hexlink Golden 5-C's, fantastic interconnects and speaker cables.
I also have worked with them for about 12 years or so.....Steve Aug is brilliant at matching the cables you really need for your system. A very honest company to deal with...they maybe just a few dollars more than what you see listed on Audiogon , but in the end...well worth every penny !!!!
Steve is quite good. He talked me down in price from the available choices, based on the equipment I have. (I guess my rig is so low-brow that he figured it was beneath him to cheat me) And he had my records across the dozen years I have been doing business with them. And always the result is a step up. If I had more time and patience I would use their lending library.
Steve once told me that there is a difference between toslink (fibre optic cables) and he loaned me a pair of cables that would cost me much more than I wanted to spend.

I then got the chance to compare and I bought both sets. Also, I wanted them to make me a pair of specialized cables and he called McIntosh and they suggested that this would not be a good idea. He refused to do it. Good man!
The only way to know for sure that cables are fake are to take them apart. If you expect that every comnpany that sells used cable spends time auditioning them all, dream on. But if you get em from these guys and don't like em, no problem - they've got plenty of others you can trade em in for.

I was also deal with Steve and was also impressed with his knowledge, ability to listen, and seeming lack of interest in overselling me.
I have also had great experiences working with Paul at the Cable Company. Very knowledgeable, great selection and outstanding service.
Paul is very nice,Bob is super, 2 years ago I want
to buy cables,then Bob asked all the information
about my equipment, then suddenly he said just move
your power cord around, then listen for a few days.
He stated I might not even need a new cable.I did exactly
what he told me.He was right, the system improvement
is huge,Bob thanks again, you guys are world class,
and knowledgable, kind,and helpful.
I have been dealing with Robert from the Cable Company for over 8 years now and I have never had anything other than professional & knowledgeable service. My first and only point of call for Cables and accessories.
I have been dealing with The Cable Company since 1991. First Robert, then Steve Aug. A great company, always helpful and in fact, a flag bearer for high-end audio. Their ethics, professionalism, helpfulness, efficiency and business practice is impeccable, A lesson for all. They maintain a data base of customers' preferences and equipment matches and make it available to all. Cant say enough good things about them.
Steve Aug? I wonder if he's any relation to the Aug that runs Purist Audio Design? That might explain why he included some of their speaker cables in my last batch. Then again he might have included them because they're excellent cables - which they are in their price range.
The owner of Purist Audio is Jim Aud. Not Aug.
Are you saying that a customer can just ask the Cable Company to send out as many cables as you want without being charged for those cables? How does the Cable Company prevent fraud? And what if you do not like any of the cables, do you just send all of them back without obligation?

Please tell me how this process works.
Normally what happens is you create an account with your info. When you borrow cables to audition, they charge you (via a credit card)a certain percentage of the value (of the cables borrowed), say 10%. So, on $500 worth of cables, you are "charged" $50, plus round trip shipping. The charge value, in this case $50, is put on your account for you to use on their products, in the future. So, you don't lose the money, it is just applied to your account. It also assures the Cable Company that you will purchase something from them in the future, since they have $50 of your money (your account).

If you don't like any of the cables you audition, you simply return them via the pre-paid shipping provided. No obligation.

It works well and I have used them many times. They work with you too, in instances where you want to demo mega buck cables, they don't kill you with the charge, they will keep it reasonable (they are not rigid with charge %). For example, instead of say 10% of the value, they may just charge you a flat rate fee of $75.

First time borrow is 10%. Subsequent times are 5%. I like the prepaid return shipping. Just stick the label on the box and drop it off at the local UPS store.
Another very happy customer here.

Paul has been truly amazing in his insights with cables and interconnects as well as tweaks and equipment. Since the office is nearby, I've been able to run up there and borrow gear. The store rooms are amazing and there floors sometimes are littered with cool tubes, wires and what not.

Feel free to conatct them for more than just wires. I've gone through many power conditioners and other tweaks as my system has grown.

They get the highest marks from me.
Im dealing with them for the very first time and they seem like a fine company so far.
steve is really good,dealing with him about 4 years now,another one is matt at tara labs. him knowing about audiogon prices not buying from new from dealer ,he still will suggest whats best.somethimes its fun to tell him cable cost on here,I bought alot of air interconnects here,and save tons ,but he will always help out with repairs or advice anytime
I have a box of 4 different speaker cables enroute to me from the Cable Co. for listening tests. I'll be comparing these against each other and a set that I have on loan from another dealer. Although I have purchased used cables from them before, this is the first time I have used their Listening Library service. This really is a great service that they provide.
While I have used and recommended the cable company in the past and expect to use them in the future, I don't think any one should blindly follow their advise. Interesting how everyone I personally know has been recommended and sent the same MAS cables despite very different systems. Each of us liked them the least in out respective systems. Intersting that after being told that particular cables were no longer avialable, that a follow up call to the manufacturer produced the no longer available cables, and they were available for some time there after. Interesting that some very strong opinons about cables were contrary to the opinions myself and others. All in all a very good company offering a very good service.
I've wondered myself about how they decide which cables to send. When I ordered speaker wire, I received cable from the same 4 manufacturers as when I tried interconnects. I guess it makes sense in that I told them I was looking for something warmer.
they have a huge owner data base were guys like us with diff componants tryed and liked or hated it,so when you call and say i want xxx for aaa they look up and say qqqsaid it sounded good and they send it..what a job sit at home on pc calls come in and you sale it
So Bbaxley2,

Are you pissed because they do it well or because you didn't think of it first? As for me, where do I apply?!? If it is anything like you describe it sounds like the best of American entrepreneurial spirit at work. :)
I'm still wondering why after speaking to them and giving them all the information they requested it's been 2 weeks since they told me they would get back to me.

Business is either booming or I'm dealing with one of the less than spirited employees who doesn't appreciate the dream job they have.
Cable company turnd down my reguest to sell my Silversmith cables to them. They would no even give me a price suggestion. They say the cables was to old. Now Stereophile has tested S. cables and really loved them!! Are the Silversmith silver cables now new hot stuff??
no im not pissed dan ed i think its a great idea the had,you are one of those guys that reads stuff and think the worst,have you ever wrote to stereo magazines and told them you hate them befor you sent them a sound like it
Sorry to misinterpret your post, Bbaxley2. I suppose my response to you was not well formed either as I meant it to be received in a joking spirit. My appologies.

And, no. I don't correspond with, nor do I support or even read any stereo magazines.
i new you were joking,just messing with you
Haha! Ya' got me. I'm a victim of my own kind of sarcasm thrown back at me!

BTW, I'm on my 4th day of listening tests of the cables from the Cable Company. Too early for a decision, I still have 2 more cables to listen to.
what cables you got
Synergistic Research Resolution Fx, Wireworld Equinox 5, and JPS Superconductor+. I also had a set of Purist Audio Opis from another dealer to compare. So I've been busy the last couple of weeks but it has also been a boatload of fun. All are very good cables and each does something a bit different than the other. In my system it came down to the Opis and the Resolution Fx. The bass control and LF transparency of the Opis is excellant but they are a tad dark in the mid and HF. This is where the Resolution Fx really shine. On the other hand the Resolution lack any real LF definition, which I believe the Synergistic folks do recommend using another of their cables for better LF response. Matter of fact, I was getting the best results with the Opis driving the woofers and the Resolution Fx driving the uppers, but there was a noticeable step to the crossover circuit response due to this configuration. Now there was not a huge difference in the HF between Opis and Resolution but it was discernable. My speakers tend to be a bit on the dark side so I need a brighter sounding cable for my tastes.

So in the end I ordered 2 pair of Purist Audio Venustas. I understand that the Opis is made with gold and copper where as the Venustas are made with silver and something else I don't recall. This should give me the best qualities of the Opis with the addition of greater transparency due to the silver content. Guess I'll have to find another way to make use of that credit with The Cable Company. I don't mind that because by using their service and auditioning cables I really feel comfortable with my choice.
Don't forget that you can use your credit with also owned by The Cable Company. Unfortunately I never run out of uses for my Cable Co credits.. ;)
what are these cables for,speak,interconnects,great write up
Sorry. Speakers. I'm bi-amping, thus the discussion on seperation of HF and LF.