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Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty Streaming DAC
@patrickdowns I have heard the QX-5 directly into Ayre reference mono amps and it was very good. I run mine into the AX-5 Twenty. Ayre is about ready to ship my QX-5 to me after upgrading the USB and adding their new Ethernet board. Ayre is very ... 
Where to go after Devore Fidelity Super 8's
A new model above the Nines? Looking forward to hearing more about it. Although the Nines are amazing enough in my room, why would I want more, right? Downright spectacular speakers. They have a snap and vibrancy that I haven't really heard elsewh... 
Devore gibbon nines look for best amplification
I have lived with the Devore Nines for over a year now and have been absolutely in love with them.I heard them in the audition process with Manley, Shindo and one other tube amp which I have forgotten. I drive them now with a Rogue Stereo 90, supe... 
anyone heard a Rogue Athena?
Jerico, I did a major downsize and went with the Atlas. I had them build a magnum version wired in triode. 
anyone heard a Rogue Athena?
"So to shorten this story ...I sold the M-150's and just bought a Zeus...that thing is BIG...That big boy puts out some sweet sound."Enjoy it, Keith944t. I just sold mine a few weeks back. You're in for a treat with that amp. It served me well. Do... 
Recommended Speaker for Triode Amp
I'd strongly advise a listen to Devore Fidelity. I am in love with my new pair of Devore Nines.I went from Thiel 2.3s, having loved them for many years with all sorts of large amplifiers. I was hesitant, somewhat unsure that I would get the extens... 
Mapleshade boards under speakers
Has anybody ever used a Sistrum speaker stand atop a Mapleshade platform?I've used Sistrum and loved the results under speakers, amp and for a rack. But I like the idea of raising the speakers a few inches for soundstage height. 
Tubes or S.S. for Thiel CS 2.4?
I have used 2.3s for several years now. My current listening room is 16x21 with two large openings.I have used the Bryston 4B-ST and the Plinius SA-102. From the Plinius I went to the Rogue Zeus and haven't looked back. The Zeus now has KT-90 outp... 
Best amps for Totem hawks?? please help
If you would consider tubes, audition a Rogue Cronos. I've heard the combination and it was jaw dropping.Hearing that little integrated with the Arros had me rethinking my combo of Rogue Zeus and Thiels. It was a very engaging, musical set up and ... 
does the spyder puck make a difference
I added the puck but was very hesitant due in large part to Tvad's posted experiences.At the time I was in a jam because the spindle on the player was broken and the importer told me the best option was the puck replacement. So I buckled and paid ... 
a tube amplifier repair technician
Glad to hear all of you have had such great experiences with Bob. He's done the same by me.And, Trelja, thanks for the kind words. I owe you an e-mail!One thing for anyone to consider, Bob is not a "quick-fix." While he improved my system tremendo... 
Tube for Zeus Rogue amp
I've used telefunken's for the 12AX7 and RCA clear tops for the other 12A slots.Mine came with EH KT88 and I've been using them ever since, although I often toy with the idea of replacing them with Gold Lion reissues. 
a tube amplifier repair technician
Bob Backert is a true treasure.Mrjstark, I think I saw your amps there on Sunday when I dropped some gear off. Bob was excited about them. 
Transformer hum with AC fluctuations
Same here! 
Transformer hum with AC fluctuations
So I spent part of yesterday thinking I needed a new amp stand and searched out the Symposium and others and decided to make a switch after Christmas.And then last night not a peep out of those transformers whatsoever. Talk about audio nervosa!