Dealing with UK's Classic Turntable Company


On October 23 I placed an order with UK's Classic Turntable Company for some spares for my Garrard 301. Apart from the initial order acknowledge mail, I have got no update from them till now. There has been no response to my emails as well. I had an impression that these guys were good. Is this sloppiness normal for these guys? Or should I be worried? Anybody else has dealt with these guys before?
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They do great work.

"Apart from the initial order acknowledge mail, I have got no update from them till now."
What additional update did you receive?

Have you tried calling them?
Hi, yes I did. The call went to unanswered. I got the mail that my order has been processed. After that nothing. I tried mailing them a few times but haven't got any response. So, I have no idea what is the current status of my order. 
’They’ are more of a one man operation. Ray Clark. Did business with him a few years ago with no problems. He has always been well-respected in the audiophile world. You could try their FB page. I see a note about being delayed due to a ferry cancellation.
Thanks for the information. It reassuring. Will wait. 
Well...a year ago I tried to buy a second PSU from Ray as I have two vintage decks. He sells a PSU that is compatible with both the Thorens TD124 motor and Garrard 301 as both are induction motors. I had purchased one from him before along with a bunch of other after-market parts for my 301. bugged him every month for six months to send me an invoice and take my money. He rarely responded and when he did he would apologize, promise to do it and then fail to follow through. Granted he was out of stock and the supplier-who I understand is in Russia-was working on a new version so there was a reason. I ended up buying a different PSU from a different retailer. 
Thanks for the responses. The mail came in today with the parts. Guess Ray isn't very good as communicating. 

11/09/21 Placed an order and received e-mail confirmation

11/11/21 Received an e-mail stating that my order had been processed.

11/22/21 Received my order. Prompt service from England to Phoenix, AZ USA