The best Standmount Loudspeaker $6k or under

I have just recently purchased the New Carbon 7-SE Loudspeaker.
It has several upgrades starting with a Very good quality Simple 1st order Xover using only 4 parts Total ,using 2 air core inductors,One Mundorf
Resistor,and one Clarity ESA capacitor. Sonic purity is there the 2 new drivers have an equal share in this .This Scan speak 6620 Illiminator
Tweeter is Very good with excellent detail and air,and very good even off axis. The New Mid- Bass dtiver is a special Carbon pulp cone 4-5 grams lightlySonus Faber uses this in their$20k Loudspeaker. It still has some richness in it's character but,it is noticably faster with a very balanced
Character low level detail as well as inner detail is very impressive.
Mid to low Bass is very addictive deep and articulate going down to
Under40 hz in room that is very impressive for a medium sized big thing also it is about a 88 db load at 4 ohms and the load is so easy my brother 10 watt 300 B can operate with ease and
Good level. I have compared many commercial brands which are
$5k range or a bit more which 50% Cisco dealer markup.
Gor $2,500 these are a Very special Loudspeaker that I will do a full accessment once I get $250-300 hours on them.there are reviews coming
Out probably around Xmas I was told, and a Fritz is a great guy to do business with .he was happy to answer all my questions and shipping
Was included which is allways your homework and compare
What the others have yo offer and find out just what's in their Xover
Most are joke thst is why they refuse to tell you,Highly Recommended.
P.s I am near the Ct,Ma boarder. I f you would may be in the area email me
And check em out.
I mentioned this speaker was a 4 ohm load ,It is actually a 6 ohm Loudspeaker on average ,if you have any technical questions regarding
These speakers and your room setup or electronics Fritz would be the man
You absolutely made the right speaker selection
Zoot45 thank you, I spent a solid month or more in my travels listenng
And having others stop by with their gear. This is a no Brainer.
This new simple High quality Xover is Seamless and very easy to drive.
Whst many guys online get hooked into is sometimes Heavy Brand name Apples to Apples hat us far wiser.
Who else will give you One of Scanspeaks top Tweeters $220 each
And MidBass driver latest Carbon Light version that too is slightly modified and matched for this king of Monies ? - No one . P.s I used to do mods
And 75 % of Big name companies uses cheap Solen capacitors and
Sand cast resistors and think it is ok. No it is Not ok with me . You can hear the better Xover parts in low level detail ,as well as image depth,and
Tone. Even at. $5k see how many others can approach equal quality.
It's funny that you spend 98% of your posts talking about the quality and cost of the parts and maybe 2% talking about the sound. Unfortunately, that's how most of you neurotic audiophile types buy things. I own a pair of Fritz single-driver speakers and I think they're really nice-sounding. I hope you like listening to all those resistors and caps. I hear the Carbon is a good speaker.
Interesting. How would you compare the carbon 7se to the Revel F208 that you have also praised in the past as one of the best under $10000 speakers. Thanks
Was there a question in your post? If you had included a picture it would an advertisement, or a review. You are obviously happy with your purchase.
Audioman58, how would you say those Carbons sounded when you compared them to the Audio Vapor Cirrus and the Proac D2? When you did your comparison, were you listening to all 3 brands on the same exact equipment in the same room with the same source material?
The reason I Did not make a brief on the sound is because they are not Run in yet.that being said they are very detailed and invlolving Loudspeakers already.

Raal ribbon tweeters a number of very knowledgable builders say in the 4-5k range in the Raal tweeter is lacking in dynamics.very detailed and smooth but for rock
And roll no way. I owned one from Salk and they sounded good but
Too refined for my taste the Scanspeak Revelator has much meter vertical dispertion as well as dynamics. Proacs are pretty decent but for less money the new Fritz carbon 7 SE is a better engineered Loudspeaker.
And parts quality does matter ,that is why I mention them ,especially
Regarding Top range drivers.
To Bc gator no. I didnot hear these all the same time.
I have been doind this for 35 years now ,I have done a ot of mds by self in the past to save money then to buy new .
Just to make any Audiophile better go to humblehomemadehifi-
Capacitor test when I was living overseas and worked in Aufio this is the bible for Xover parts which you don't see but is the heart of any loudspeaker. Drivers are equally important as well as reputation.many big name speakers use pathetic parts internally but the majority of Audiophiles only care about the look and sound ,but value is very important
I have owned $$ big dollar MBL system 15 years ago now I spend many hours researching all types of electronics as well as Loudspeakers
There is plenty of very good U,S made products out there for less then half the big name cost.any big name charges 4-5 X the cost of build that is a fact.guys like Fritz are experts in their field build from their shop,
Use the latest modeling build,and xover programs and Only top notch parts
For since they don't have the overhead they can afford to do it.this is where
A lot of guys loose out they pay way to much attention to advertisements
Read the reviews just as a guide and go listen to as many products as you can. If I can get a speaker sounding excellent with medium priced gear
Then it is well designed.
What? I'm confused with your thread Audioman58, or is it just an add?
Never heard the Carbons and I'm sure they sound pretty good but my favorite all time standmount goes to Spiral Groove Canalis Anima.
Anyone compare the Fritz Carbon 7's to any Sonus Faber models?
The Revel pull off with their wave guide a very big balanced spread.
No sane priced Loudspeaker can be the best at everything and many things are system dependant. I found the 208 had great balance.
In under 10k there are not that many great floor stand speakers ,go up to $15k Now that is another level ,the 208 is not in that league.
I have SVS subwoofers that are excellent.if you want true full range .Great stands make a big difference in imaging ,and Bass articulation .the Core designstands I bought Are excellent !! The Carbon 7 SE uses far better drivers, then the 208 and A very simple 1st order Xover with far better internal parts which =
A much more focused and natural presentation .without any BS or build up
It is Excellent it will go down to just below double Bass level at 40 hz
If you want lights out Rock&Roll over a constant 95 DB level then put on a quality Subwoofer. For the majority of music in a room 16x12 these will be just fine ,good stands & blue tac . For the record these just don't just play
Music ,they do this with realism and refinement. If you are In
North east from NY,to New Hampshire I am in Ma. I invite any Audiophile
Who wants to make the effort. You will not be dissapointed !!
Audioman88 I have one suggestion which will make you smile big. Replace that Clarity cap. with the new Jupiter copper foil caps. I assume it is on the tweeter. This will not be a small improvement.... no kidding.

I replaced the same brand cap in my two way and oh my! These Jupiter copper foil in wax caps will be amazing in your speaker.
The Jupiter is a nice cap but the values for the Copper are only 1uf as far
As I have seen,please let us know.
Call Jupiter and talk to Chris. They have 100v larger speaker value caps coming out soon and he has some right now. I purchased some 3.3uf ones and they are splendid.
My favourite in that range is Lenehan Audio ML2 Reference:

With the current exchange rate it would be under $6K US. But unless you are in Australia you wont be able to hear them unfortunately.

They use Duelund VSF Copper capacitors and Duelund Resistors. Although I think the maker may be switching to the new Duelund RS because Duelund will only be making VSF Copper on special order and by reputation the RS is slightly better.

The new Jupiter capacitors are by reputation very nice but haven't heard them myself. The maker of those speakers is a dealer in Jupiter and I ordered some Jupiter's from him to put in a Leak amp I have to replace some Obligato's. Will see what the go is.

I spoke to him why he doesn't use Jupiter's - they are supposed to be as good as Duelunds. His view is the smaller value Jupiter's are drop dead value and a no brainer over Duelund - any difference in performance is probably not worth the price difference. But for larger values used in speakers they are only slightly cheaper and he prefers, until he has done more listening tests, the Duelund.

Fritz is a class act, no doubt his speakers should be considered by anyone looking for top-shelf performance out of a monitor. Great parts and construction at a reasonable price, what's not to like?

Just wondering Paul, I know we spoke a lot in the past ... but you haven't heard the Vapor Cirrus have you?
The Raal tweeter several well known builders are getting away from them.
Reason being the 4-5 k range has issues as well as it's Verticle dispertion.
A top dome such as the Scan speak circ arc is noticably more dynamic
I owned a Salk speaker with Amorphous Raal ribbon their best ,very smooth and detailed for dynamics to soft for my taste.not the best for R&R.

Resistors Duelund is now 2 nd Path audio is a 1% and most resolution
Duelund 5-10% no better tolerance . Duelund capacitors Great, But
For a large value cap could be over $1k per speak that is for a simple 1 st order ,a complex 4 th order $1,000s. Fritz uses Clarity ESA which are pretty good,he is also working withthe Clarity MR,as well as Combo with Possibly Mundorf Supreme. These are a premium upgrade $$ if you need the
Ultimate in resolution.
I use Pathaudio resistors now. Very good indeed. No reason to buy Duelund caps for speakers and pay those outragious prices. The new Jupiter copper foil is the trick. $400-$600 for the set of two instead of thousands!
'The new Jupiter copper foil is the trick. $400-$600 for the set of two instead of thousands!'


Had a look at Parts connection. 1uf Duelund RS - $127.00. 1uf Jupiter Copper - $115.00

I know someone that sells both Jupiter and Duelund, as well as builds speakers with them. And those prices reflect exactly what he tells me - lower values - Jupiter wins hand down - price/performance ratio much better. Higher values - not much in it price wise.

Regarding Duelund resistors - forget tolerance - their big advantage is the negative temperature coefficient so that music doesn't become compressed as it gets louder. I have heard the difference and its clearly audible.

A GTG is being talked about out my way where there will be a comparison, in exactly the same speaker and crossover, of

1. Duelund Cast
2. Duelund VSF Copper
3. Duelund RS
4. Jupiter stacked aluminium.
5. Jupiter Copper

If and when that happens it should prove interesting.

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Would like to know if audioman has heard the Harbeth 30.1 and if so, how it differs in sound, the midband of the Harbeth is probably difficult to do better, but according to my email correspondent with Fritz, his speakers (carbon 7s) has a better treble and bass. Fritz seams like a very nice guy and his way of thinking about speaker design, is something I really can appriciate.
 I would love to live closer, but exporting the speakers to me makes them nearly as costly, as a good deal I can get on a new pair of 30.1

If anyone here has heard both these speakers, I would love to hear your opinion.
Hello of fourteen I have heard thd Harbeths 30.1
That us not sure under $6k speaker.
To date thd New B&W 805- D3 are exceptional and a great standpoint 
Usjng Mundorfs best capsciyors, Diamond tweeter,new Xover as well as Mid-Bass driver and upgraded cabinet. I donot own them but am really impressed with them. 
I currently own the Latest Spatial audio M-3 Hologram open baffle loudspeaker with  upgraded Xover 
I encorporated  their top M25 compression driver. It is outstanding
And will will shame many  $10 k+ Loudspeakers for the record. 
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Josephs Audio Pearl used would be a wonderful choice.
I also have the spatial M1 with the upgraded M25. It is the best speaker I have owned. I drive them with a 8 watt 300B Amp. For the money they r a steal.
Glad you are happy! :)

Interesting. He's using series crossovers instead of the more common parallel types.