Switcher needed

I have a small tube amp a friend made for me. I guess it's integrated in that it has one input, a power button and a volume knob. I'd like to get some kind of a switcher to select between different inputs. Need a min of 3 inputs, maybe four. Anyone have an ideas?

If I went with a pre-amp, how would that work? Would I just leave the volume of the tube amp at max volume at all times?
There are lots of switches out there and any would be better than daisy-chaining a preamp unless you spent a lot of money on it.
I had asked a similar question a few weeks back as I needed a switch as well. Ended up with a Goldpoint. Very nice unit from very nice people.

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This should do the trick:

Decware Rotary Switchbox
Please take a look at the Chase Technologies RLC-1 Remote Line Controller. These can be found on e-bay, often for less then $50. The unit has four inputs, no phono, and the remote is a gem since you can do volume, balance, bass, tremble etc. It also has switched power inputs so you can turn on the attached units. I have two of these in some of the systems I run, one with mono block tube amps. They have been going for over ten years with no problems. Sound quality, amazing.
When I see switch boxes I always am curious...
Does the switch type matter?
Break before make?
Make before break?
I'd be scared of zapping between inputs.
While I have not actually used one, I think that the best solution might be the Manley Skipjack. See here:

Manley Skipjack Page
db systems sells a good one, cheap (under $100) that handles 5 inputs.
It's their model DBP-2J/5 Passive Switch Box.

I had one of those Chase RLC-1 units and while it was fun to play with,
I have to say I found it extremely colored. Dave