Homemade amp switcher

I made a switch box that sequences all my amps for my hometheater.I use seven in all.Three for the surround and four for my subs.While at a store this weekend the sales guy told me that it's like pulling the plug out of the wall and putting it back in everytime I turn on and off.Is it no different than the switch on the front of the amp itself.I have used this device for about a year without fault.It uses the 12vdc trigger from my processor.Thanx for your input on this.
He's right. All you are doing is substituting switches/relays for the physical act.

You're making and breaking the AC connection. You could do this by flipping the switch on each component or by pulling each AC plug from the wall. You're doing the same thing, just in a timed electronic manner. The end result is capacitor discharge during down-time and increased levels of in-rush current, which strains the transformer, rectifiers, regulation circuitry ( if any ) and caps. Using your home-brew sequencer simply takes the physical wear and tear off of the AC plugs and power switch of each component without achieving anything else. Sean
Not every power switch on amplifiers kills all the current. Some will just go into standby mode. Jeff rowland comes to mind.
Thanx guys! He made it sound like I was doing something wrong.I'm just lazy and found a cure for getting up when I tryed to macro all of my turn on's.Good to see your reply Sean.Thanx again Gonners!